Various ‎– An Unattainable Idea

Amex Nori ‎– anco01, Cubiculo Noise Recording ‎– 0143-CNR
56 × File, MP3, Compilation


1 Talib Aziiz Ibu Ini Akan Membayar Semuannya
2 Problem Anderer Leute Sonderling
3 Xurzoq God Abortion Bolverk
4 Nryy Irregularity
5 Arkham Sewers Project Movement
6 Audioviruses The Stench Of Rotting Hope
7 Warsaw Pact Hell's Ground
8 Colonel Xs Ballet 3 (Noise Outro)
9 The Dissonance Project Deuteronomy
10 Der Domestizierte Mensch Always Look On The Noise Side Of Life
11 Playing With Nuns Bad Rider
12 Machinoir 01111000 Forced Against The Wall
13 Herr Schmidt Hat Krach Orlocks Trip
14 Misantronics Priestophilia
15 Cartouchélidolémoche Flourantimonique
16 Chaotic Sound Abnormal Harsh Causing Deafness
17 Cum Commando Your Daughter Is A Useless Virgin
18 Fxtxrxgx* The Filthiest Person Alive!
19 To-Bo Selbstmordkommando
20 God Pussy Declinio Social
21 Harina 4 Ceros The Thing
22 Heirdrain Like A Bullet
23 Intergalactic Wizard Fitthrower
24 Machinesaw Assembler V
25 Misantropskia In The Womb
26 Argot Made In Jakarta
27 O.S.N.A. As A Sober Night
28 Josef Nadek / David Barrows [Zak]
29 Tarsus Police Report 412 And The Curse Of Egon Hoegen
30 Nosos Life Or Die
31 W.H.Y. Mourning A Dead Star
32 Rapesbladder My Love For You Is Always
33 Disciplina Urbana Esporte Sangrento
34 Scapegoat (5) Rusted Carcass
35 Amduskazyum Boil
36 Axsxpx O(b)visio
37 Mamà Bizarra Sardonica Furia
38 Black Air / Microbit Project Gudrone
39 Noise Mortanna Tilla The Killa
40 Dmah Yes, No More With That Subject
41 D.B.P.I.T.* / XxeNa Ood
42 Christ Phyr Blyr* / Lezet Don't Spare The Whip (The Extended '"Preggernaut" Medley)
43 Noise Injury Massacre
44 Remedos Varios Ha Ilegado El Tamborilero
45 Tassilo Kaminsky Systemcrash
46 Schultz My World
47 Pordiozero Bogota Positiva
48 Animal Bender Lambskin
49 Hallucinogenic Toxidrome Crossroad Of Machine Voices
50 Jerking Off Coma Patients A Cure For Painful Sex
51 Ovice Sneeth Drifthe and The Bleeding Sock Widget Big Cock Belly Flop
52 Vitriol Zero No
53 Inconnu Ictu Somehow, Five Minutes Then A Two Seconds
54 Missannight Pripyat's Beats
55 Aural Antithesis Gangrene Ginger Pesto
56 Gohger Friend From Out Of The Area