Various ‎– Apology. Life In The Shadows (Uncut Gems From The Year Zero: Oct. 1980-Apr. 1981)

Apology Magazine ‎– none
Cassette, Single Sided, Compilation


A1 Anonymous Original Apology Announcement Message. 10/20/80.
A2 Anonymous Mugger Of Homosexuals. 10/27/80.
A3 Anonymous Twenty Year Old Homosexual. 10/28/80.
A4 Anonymous The State Should Apologize. 11/4/80.
A5 Anonymous Blackout Break-in. 11/15/80.
A6 Anonymous Didn't Mean To Kill Her. 11/20/80.
A7 Anonymous Compulsive Apologizer. 11/20/80.
A8 Anonymous Been Screwing My Sister. 11/21/80.
A9 Anonymous Killed A Man Robbing A Drugstore. 11/21/80.
A10 Anonymous Brastrap. 11/27/80.
A11 Anonymous Blue Virgin. 12/1/80.
A12 Anonymous I Steal Money. 12/1-2/80.
A13 Anonymous Had An Affair. 12/2/80.
A14 Anonymous John Thinks I'm Satan. 12/2/80.
A15 Anonymous Apology For Not Living Up To Potential. 12/2/80.
A16 Anonymous Two Small Cokes And A Piece Of Art, Please. 12/4/80.
A17 Anonymous Apology To Ron's Grandmother. 12/4/80.
A18 Anonymous Vigilante Of God. 12/15/80.
A19 Anonymous Mary The Klepto. 12/15/80.
A20 Anonymous West Coast Rapist. 12/16/80.
A21 Anonymous Been Snatching Gold. 12/17/80.
A22 Anonymous Custer And The Indians. 12/18/80, 3/21/81.
A23 Anonymous Haven't Had Sex In Fifteen Years. 12/21/80.
A24 Anonymous Bernie Telephone Call. 1/4/81.
A25 Anonymous Motherfucker. 1/31/81.
A26 Anonymous Out Here In The Street. 2/8/81.
A27 Anonymous Did A Lot Of Things Wrong. 2/28/81.
A28 Anonymous Sex With Preacher's Wife. 3/24/81.
A29 Anonymous Embezzled $400,000. 4/5/81.
A30 Anonymous I Feel Like I'm Back In Confession Again. 12/1/80.



"The Apology Line, the first ever anonymous telephone confessional, was originated as an art project by an artist calling himself Mr. Apology."

Some copies signed.

Mail order-only.

Dolby B.