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Arcal ‎– AML-804
Vinyl, LP, Album


A1 Hot Rod Lincoln 0:56
A2 Winged Ramparts 2:38
A3 Rich Riffs 1:23
A4 Exposed Nerve 1:00
A5 Tiny Time Pills 2:06
A6 Broken Wheel 1:27
A7 Champagne Supper (Valse) Haydn 2:10
A8 Iron Mountain Road 1:18
A9 Alpha Centauri 1:23
A10 Boogie Woogie 1:18
A11 King Henry's Court 1:45
B1 West Side 1:46
B2 Electro-Frolic 1:59
B3 Warpath 1:55
B4 Bright Buttons 1:50
B5 Moonglade 3:18
B6 Dancing Spirits (Festive Moods) Glazunov 1:37
B7 Wailin' Waltz 1:39
B8 Disco Down 1:27
B9 Romantic Glance 1:16


1. Hot Rod Lincoln :56 (percussion, bass, acoustic and electric guitars)
Earthy strains of Country-Western truckin' music

2. Winged Ramparts 2:38 (synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars)
Smoothly uplifting, the mind pinnacled on imagination, exultation, or inspiration

3. Rich Riffs 1:23 (percussion)
The jivy stimulant of a fast free-form drum solo

4. Exposed Nerve 1:00 (oboe, violin, contra bass)
Perfect for the psycological thriller, tensely wound up and ready to snap

5. Tiny Time Pills 2:06 (piano)
Tension headache, recycling energy, spinning time

6. Broken wheel 1:27 (synthesizers)
Slightly lopsided beat conjuring up a crippled wagon or a limping person or animal

7. Champagne Supper (Valse) haydn 2:10 (violins, viola, cello)
A romantic supper concert or an uppercrust charity affair

8. Iron Mountain Road 1:18 (dobro)
Purely backwoods, the whine and twang of hillbilly music

9. Alpha Centauri 1:23 (synthesizers)
Manlike robots, flashing banks of spacecraft instruments, a blaze of cosmic dust-
the wonderful stuff of Science-Fiction

10. Boogie Woogie 1:18 (piano, horns, bass guitar, percussion)
Fondly resurrecting the special flavor of the Forties

11. King Henry's Court 1:45 (piano, synthesizar, bass guitar, percussion)
The pompous blandishments and princely pride of medieval nobility;
ostentation, victory, and success

1. West Side 1:46 (electric guitars)
Snappy and catchy, the swaggering bravo of the street-wise

2. Electro-Frolic 1:59 (synthesizer)
A moody odyssey through a scattering of emotions

3. Warpath 1:55 (percussion)
The primitive throb of tom-toms building to a crescendo

4. Bright Buttons 1:50 (acoustic guitars)
Tuneful little ditty expressive of a perky indifference and cheerful complacency

5. Moonglade 3:18 (piano)
Silvery and luminous, a lilting wash of melody in the romantic

6. Dancing Spirit (festive Moods) Glazunov 1:37 (violins, viola, cello)
Evoking the effortless grace of the skater or the disciplined elegance of the ballerina;
haunting remembrance of a Masked Ball.

7. Wailin Waltz 1:39 (pedal steel, acoustic and bass guitars)
Broken-hearted lament of the cowpoke for a vanished lady-love

8. Disco Down 1:27 (percussion, synthesizer, electric guitar)
The energetic gyration of Disco

9. Romantic Glance 1:16 (oboe, violin, contra bass)
In the classical mode, a delicate study of the poetry of a look

1980 Arcal Productions, division of Arcal Inc., 2732 Bay Road, Redwood City, CA 94063