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Fine Audio Recordings ‎– audio 10
Vinyl, 12", EP


A1 Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera Without Baggage A Bag
A2 Andrew Richley & Ryan Rivera Mono Step
B1 Andrew Wooden & Chris Liebing Anastasia
B2 Andrew Wooden & Chris Liebing Navigator


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May 18, 2011
While I am not that crazy about the Liebing and Walter contributions on this release, which are nothing more than the typical hard and rolling Fine Audio artillery from the turn of the millennium, the two Andrew Richley and Ryan Rivera cuts make this 12" well worth seeking out.
Without Baggage A Bag is in my opinion one of the finest ever pieces to have been released on this long running label. It starts out typically minimal and aggressive, with basic 4x4 drums and rudimentary structure, and just when you think it would end up as yet another linear tool - bang! - they smack you across the chin twice with a god sent, fluctuating sequence tearing holes right through speaker membranes! One of those synth heavy, fractious and irritable, tweaked and distorted piercing spheres you hear once and never forget. Remember the first time you heard gems like Badger Bite, Speak To Me, Timeless Altitude, or any other given track hooked with a captivating theme? Well, I can't say this one will leave you with a memorable imprint like the one it left me, but this is just one of those tracks produced at the time which had that one extra ingredient, making it a regular during 'back to the nineties' sessions in my room. Damn groovy and club friendly, yet it has that irksome edge constantly hovering over head. Great!
Mono Step is pretty self explanatory. A decisively compressed, nicely pitched, repetitive ride which quite successfully exemplifies the hard, evil techno german producers were into at the time. Nothing classic, but a prime exhibit of the amazing school of Fine Audio production - tough, linear, hypnotic and damn relentless.
Whatever one may say about the rest of this EP, I find it worth getting if only for the A1 track.