Various ‎– Audio Terrorism

Cassette, Compilation, C90


A1 Genital Masticator Untitled
A2 Kisses And Hugs I Am A Child
A3 Kisses And Hugs Confiscated
A4 Kisses And Hugs Fibs Of Crawlfish
A5 Kisses And Hugs Consumption
A6 Shadowed Veil The Isolation Bug
A7 Shadowed Veil Pinprick Treaties
A8 Shadowed Veil Smash The System (Slop Mix)
A9 Enemy Soil Weathermen
A10 Enemy Soil Solemn Witness
A11 Noise Waste Power Of Positive Drunkpunkchaos
A12 Noise Waste Hatred In Imatra
A13 Noise Waste No Answers
A14 Noise Waste Return Of The Horrible McDonalds
A15 Jerm Flux* Song For Sara's Dad
A16 Extreme Hair Stench Untitled
A17 Suppression Biohazard
A18 Suppression Urine Testing
A19 Suppression Idiot Sermon
A20 L.O.C.* Untitled
A21 Starved And Delirious White Laces
A22 Starved And Delirious Bald Head
A23 Fecel-Cide aka Personasnongratas Slipped
A24 Anatomical Consumption Paul Reubens Is Innocent
A25 Anatomical Consumption The Leopard Killer
A26 Cess Gargle Ballad About Ripping Your Heart Out For Satan
A27 Rectal Pus Drunk
A28 Pile Of Eggs Metal Up Your Stinkin' Asshole
A29 Just Kids Live In Koblenz, Germany
A30 Grunt Untitled
A31 Rabia (4) Haz Lo Que Quieras!
A32 Rabia (4) No Puedo Aguantar
A33 Rabia (4) Me Falta Tiemp
A34 Rabia (4) Nunca!
A35 Colloid It Is No Great Loss If He Died!!!!!
A36 Mad Recital Mozart Noise
A37 Enema Syringe (3) Untitled
A38 Spazz Gas Pump
A39 Spazz M.P.S.
A40 Spazz Running Man
A41 Spazz Slow Death
A42 Jaundice Bishop
A43 Jaundice Palate
B1 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Answer Refused
B2 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Melbourne Punks
B3 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Not Accounted For
B4 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Right Thinking
B5 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Speed Of Death
B6 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Arm Band
B7 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Another 26 Forms
B8 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Sons
B9 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Fray Tormenta
B10 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Huta Lenina
B11 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Who's Pressure
B12 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Coffin Diplomacy
B13 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Yeltsin
B14 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Suffer Obedience
B15 Seven Minutes Of Nausea U- Bahn
B16 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Heroin Border
B17 Seven Minutes Of Nausea No Thrash
B18 Arseslaughter I Wanna Be A Rockstar
B19 Arseslaughter Kemppainen (Vesku Sucks His Dick)
B20 Arseslaughter Fuck The CDs
B21 Arseslaughter I Hate Limited Edition Records
B22 Arseslaughter I Don't Wanna Pay Taxes
B23 Arseslaughter Only Racist Is Fascist
B24 Arseslaughter Overdose Of Shit
B25 Arseslaughter From Extreme To Noise
B26 Arseslaughter I Hate...
B27 Arseslaughter Freedom Of Noise
B28 Arseslaughter I Love...
B29 Arseslaughter 2 Seconds THat Shook The World
B30 Gok Just A Phase
B31 Son Of Dog Pork
B32 Clitoris Trafficker Untitled
B33 Expendable Citizen Piss On Your Fashion Statement
B34 Thinkshit Maybe
B35 Thinkshit Inhuman Scum
B36 Traci Lords Loves Noise Untitled
B37 Discordance Axis Human Collateral
B38 Discordance Axis Empire
B39 Materia Organica Bajo Frustracion
B Materia Organica Vida De Odio (Cover De SIege)
B40 Sonic Disorder & Mormon Tabernacle Choir Untitled
B41 Make It Stop Breadfuck
B42 Butthole Lips Untitled
B43 Atrofia Cerebral Nada Importa Ya
B44 Atrofia Cerebral Submundos De Ilusion
B45 Atrofia Cerebral La Vida Es Toda Dolor
B46 Atrofia Cerebral Altravez De Una Pantalla
B47 Atrofia Cerebral Nuestro Dios
B48 Atrofia Cerebral Quimera
B49 Atrofia Cerebral Son Solo Sombras
B50 Glaucoma Ojivas Nucleares
B51 Audición Irritable Dare To Notice
B52 Audición Irritable Male Demonstration
B53 Audición Irritable Credit Poison
B54 Audición Irritable Suicide Genetics
B55 Audición Irritable Scum Rises
B56 Audición Irritable Not Yes Or No
B57 Audición Irritable Kroto
B58 Audición Irritable Shun The Bait
B59 Audición Irritable Swn
B60 Audición Irritable Areat St
B61 Audición Irritable Positive Reaction
B62 Audición Irritable Freedom
B63 Audición Irritable Violent Peace
B64 Audición Irritable Lost On Your Feet
B65 Cripple Bastards Ratings
B66 Cripple Bastards Intelligence Means
B67 Cripple Bastards Padroni
B68 Cripple Bastards Bonds Of Enmity
B69 Jangle Contractura
B70 Jangle Insuficiencia Renal
B71 Jangle Pitidos Dolorosos
B72 Jangle Artritis Reumatoide
B73 Jangle Espondiloartritis
B74 Jangle Reumatismo Extraticular
B75 Jangle Erupciones Eritomatosas
B76 Jangle Broncoespasmos
B77 Jangle Leucopenia
B78 Jangle Tos Ferina


Label would later refer this as catalog # CNP 7.