Various ‎– ...Ave Calix Sanguinis - Compilation I

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Thanks and Hails to: a la Real Escena Metalera de Colombia y Suramerica en general. Maligna, Fecor, Kain and Agaliaroth, Inferus-Tophel in Utuk Xul, Fureas Zekhmet and Daimonion, Dagon Incubus (Inquisition Rules!!! Eternal Loyalty), The Real of Nachzerher Magazine, Hell attacks Productions, Ancestral Art Store, Trauma Recs, Metal Command Prods, Bitual ´Zine, TPC Prods, Evil Distro, Diabolic Southern Circle, The Pagan Alliance, Centurion Music, Sylphorium Recs, Manitu Recs, Blasphemy Prods, Paranoia Prods. (Colombia), Andrea B. Hollander & Mords of Evil Recs. (Uruguay), Witcheraft ´Zine (Chile), Furia ´Zine (Bolivia), Tearsof the Moon ´Zine (Paraguay), The Glory of the Pagan Fire ´Zine, Carnage and Tormented by the Undead Prods. (Brasil), Black Ange, Headbangers ´Zine (Peru), Hellkommander Alvaro and NB-604, Veronica Hell´s Institute (Ecuador), Majestic Fire, Sir Alfredo, Noctifier, Lord Amaimon and Mighty Hordes Prods. (Spain), Morning Recs. (France), Ritual of Nazareth ´Zine (Thailand), Angelica Darkness and Semkada ´Zine (USA).

MEPHIZTOPHEL: Eregon - Drums, Vintrax - Guitars/Vocals/Bass
ESBBAT: Fornicus - Drums, Azcaron - Guitar, Vulcano - Guitar, Belias - Bass
IMPREKATOR: Nevo - Bass, Azcaron - Guitars, Necroalter - Lead Guitars, Fornicus - Drums, Vir Sortilegis - Vocals
AGALIAROTH: Rain - Bass, Vintrax - Drums, Fecor - Vocals, Maligna - Vocals
SORCIERS: Corpse - Drums, Luis Mordaz - Guitar/Vocals
OBCENUM: Fornicum Obcenum - Guitars/Bass/Vocals/Drums
NEKROBUTCHER: Unholy - Vocals from the Abyss, Slaughter - Infernal Guitar, Terror - Destructive Bass, Macabre - Drums of Averno
DAIMONION: Furcas - Guitar Leader, Lebzul - Guitar Rithmic, Mjolnir - Drums, Sargatanas - Vocals, Zekhmet - Keyboards

GUAHAIHOQUE: OD - Vocals, NAOMA - Guitar, keyboard, MUNSISHI - Ancestral Winds, KAUI - Percussion
ASTREAS DOMAINS: Sagath - Vocals, Hagall - Guitar, Antares - Guitar, Baalberith - Bass, Sephiroth - Drums, Drako - Keyboards
ATANAB: Darkvegoth - Vocals, Avathan - Guitar/Bass, Demolator - Drums
LUCERA: Buziracuz - Guitars, Solrac Doom - Vocal, Ophicus - Guitar/Keyboard
BLASPHEMIAM: Storm Ravel /Guitars\, Blast /Guitars\, Abyss Iblis /Bass\, Auschwitz /Vocals\
NAZGUL: Melkor - Guitar, Morgoth - Drums, Blasphen Angel - Vocals, Agnark - Bass
MORDOR: ADBADOM - "Bajo", BARBATOR - "Bateria", BAHAL - "Guitarra", EGO FUM PAPA - "Vocal"

Produced bythe bandsand Southern DarknessProductions, executive production: Lord Vintrax. Cover Illustration: Los Farallones de Cali
Cover Layout ::88:: []

Special Thanks: The Bands on this compilation, Manuel and Ricardo of Acustica Digital Audio Recordings, All the Metal Bands from Cali and Colombia, Nekroalter, Kain, Barbarian and all the Pleope who supportus.

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