A1 Cleaners From Venus Midnight Cleaners
A2 Dancing Free Fall Invade The Night
A3 Pseudoelektronixx* Rote Gefahr
A4 Blue China Visitors Never Come Alone
A5 Alu Interview, Geistige Erneuerung
A6 Materialpech Pseudodekadenzmusik
A7 BRC (2) Dto.
A8 Steff Gbh* Der Lachende Dritte / Beim 1. Mal ...
A9 Freie Auswahl Sampler Des Rappel-Labels
A10 Riggor Mortis ' Aktive Notwehr ' Makarna Pasta Durcheinander - Aktive Notwehr - Pasta Lahm
A11 Ice 9 ' Anode/Cathode ' Onnyk ' No Duo ' Distant Session Alles Cassetten
B1 Rig Veeda Splendid Isolation
B2 Herbert* New York Explosion Festival Berlin
B3 Knusperkecks* Selbstinterview
B4 XXth Century Zorro* La Volpe Du XX Siecle
B5 Body And The Buildings* Cassette
B6 Schatten Unter Eis Cassette
B7 Populäre Mechanik Cassette
B8 WS Loop 1980 - 83
B9 Mick Ness ' Vaalbleek Cleaning Department* De Ark - Doka Bonga
B10 Negativland 1
B11 Kissing Riff Raff If It Was Good Enough For ...
B12 Big Banana Products Sampler
B13 Titles Now Available Facing Up To Modernity
B14 Vittore Baroni Italiano Industriale Sampler
B15 Noise Machines Sampler
B16 A Tribute To Change Sampler
B17 Blue China Italians Kill Birds (Live)


With booklet in cardboard box.

Note Knusperkeks: Appears as Kusperkeks on cover, as Knusperkecks in booklet.