Various ‎– Best We Regret

BBT Tapes ‎– #8, Take A Day ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, C90


A1 The Vacant Garbageman
A1 Impatient Youth* Frontline
A3 Hot Spit Dancers Sometimes
A4 Forethought Grinder
A5 Jane Maxwell Band ?
A6 Short Dogs Grow Serum Hepatitis
A7 Bitch Fight Dumb Bitch In Love
A8 Isocracy Happy Birthday
A9 Moto Still Breath Video Babies
A10 Fried Abortions ?
A11 MK Ultra (12) Mousetrap
A12 Missing Link (23) Funeral For A Friend
A13 Blasting Agents Money
A14 Accolades In The Laundromat
A15 Clown Alley The Theme
A16 Ribsy Invasion
A17 Karnage (9) ?
A18 Schmitheads Falling
A19 Surrogate Brains Hate To Wait
A20 Think Tank (7) Media Massacre
A21 Church Police The Oven Is My Friend
A22 Trap A Poodle Ka-Tak
A23 Los Olvidados (2) Asassin Of Youth
A24 No Artist MRR Radio
B1 The Tanks* My Town
B2 Black Athletes Last Time
B3 Bitch Fight Becki's Song
B4 Rabid Lassie Reagan's Butt
B5 Part Time Christians Gutterball
B6 Brents T.V. January
B7 Impatient Youth* Broken Dream
B8 The Vacant I Know
B9 G.O.D. (18) In Jail
B10 Fried Abortions Joel Selvin
B11 Ribsy Ed
B12 Miserable Sex Victim
B13 MK Ultra (12) Sell Out Young
B14 Short Dogs Grow Tim Yo
B15 Clown Alley Turn The Television On
B16 Isocracy Amilywyplmt 1
B17 Boo! Hiss! Pfftlb! Nice
B18 Schmitheads The Coldest Place
B19 Surrogate Brains Simple Minds In Modern Times
B20 Moto Still Breath MSB
B21 Poultry Magic Other Skate Song
B22 Stikky TV Repairman
B23 Forethought I Love Life
B24 No Artist People Are Talking



90-minute cassette-only release. Features an insert that includes extensive liner notes and band information (see images).