Various ‎– Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - The Record

Slap A Ham Records ‎– #7
Vinyl, 7", Compilation, Blue, Purple Cover


A1 G-Anx Sally
A2 No Comment (3) A Mother's Crime
A3 Demise Rum & Coke
A4 Neanderthal (2) Built For Brutality
A5 Hellnation Suppression
A6 Nuclear Roach Pessimism
A7 Chemical Dependency Endless Death
A8 Chemical Dependency Bad Acid
A9 Extreme Noise Terror False Profit
A10 Boom & The Legion Of Doom Ballad Of Alan
A11 Boneheads* Weltering In Blood
A12 Anal Cunt Untitled
A13 Anal Cunt Untitled
A14 Anal Cunt Untitled
A15 Anal Cunt Untitled
A16 Anal Cunt Untitled
A17 Anal Cunt Untitled
A18 Jesus Chrust Resurrection Of The Dead
A19 Hellocaust Direct Action
A20 Atrocity (2) Drug Slut
A21 Exit-13 Shattner Spackel
A22 Go! (2) Pizza Boy
A23 Can't Deny No Freedom
A24 Can't Deny Life's Just A Joke
A25 Can't Deny Handstand Plant
A26 Skeletal Earth Intestinal Dry Heave
A27 Generica Capitalism Sucks
A28 Agathocles Lay Off Me
B1 Assück Wall Of Shame
B2 Infest Why Don't You?
B3 Born Against Nail That Sticks Up
B4 Stikky Song #39
B5 Impetigo Jane Fonda Sucks (live)
B6 Psycho (10) Mooch
B7 Mouthfart You Know I'm Gonna
B8 Citizen's Arrest* Extistence
B9 Cocofonia* Revolution
B10 Cocofonia* ...Stupid Competition
B11 Psycho Sin You Suck
B12 Confrontation Time Flies (live)
B13 Seven Minutes Of Nausea SDI Theory
B14 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Right Inherent
B15 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Destruction Is On
B16 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Fuck To No Justify
B17 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Carcass Pulp
B18 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Grind Infect
B19 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Heavy Satan
B20 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Lorro Morte
B21 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Blood On The World
B22 Seven Minutes Of Nausea What I Feel
B23 Seven Minutes Of Nausea Stoked
B24 Piledriver (2) Hammerlock
B25 Bloody Mess & The Skabs Work, Buy, Die
B26 Bulge AIDS Hog
B27 Mindrot Demoniac
B28 Mork Hotel Chirp Bird
B29 Napalm Breath Go Back To Seattle (& Get A Haircut)
B30 Nam Land Ash Wednesday
B31 Meat Shits S.E. Nightmare
B32 Meat Shits Ice Is Nice
B33 Meat Shits Caked Face
B34 Meat Shits Clam Dip
B35 Meat Shits Feast Of Flesh
B36 Splatterreah Vomit Omlet