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Alternative Records (6) ‎– ES-4017
CD, Album, Compilation, Limited Edition


Untitled Pregap Track (10:53)
0.1 RV* Untitled 4:44
0.2 RV* Untitled 6:09
1 77's* Mercy Mercy 3:23
2 Two Pound Planet Wash This Mountain Down 3:29
3 77's* Locked Inside This Moment 4:02
4 RV* Babble 1 0:16
5 RV* Writing On The Wall 3:34
6 77's* Smokescreen 2:06
7 Two Pound Planet Hard To Believe 3:09
8 77's* Good Directions 5:35
9 Steve Scott Babble 2 0:07
10 Steve Scott Emotional Tourist 3:59
11 77's* What Was In That Letter 3:10
12 77's* Locked #2 3:14
13 RV* Open Your Window 5:50
14 Steve Scott Touch 5:48
15 Randy Layton Babble 3 0:07
16 RV* Across The Nations 5:55
17 Randy Layton Babble 4 0:30
18 77's* Don't This Way 7:20



There is a pregap track containing two untitled songs by Robert Vaughn.

The track listing is significantly different from the earlier LP release of the same name.

Excerpt from the Liner Notes:
BOOTLEVEL is a collection of songs by artists who have been associated with AR over the years.

The demos from the ALL FALL DOWN sessions (mercy/smokescreen/good directions) feature Steve Griffith on drums, although Mark Proctor was still the drummer at the time. In the days of "88" Mark Tootle was going through the end of a relationship that sparked his best songwriting - "locked inside this moment" and "don't this way" come from the same place as "love without dreams" - from the heart. Robert Vaughn came to Exit Record's attention thru songs like "across the nations" (1985). "writing on the wall" is from the LOVE & WAR era; "open you window" is a great song rescued from a cassette - this is another "fire" track! 2LB Planet's "hard to believe" predates SONGS FROM... "wash" is a WHISPERING.. outtake. Scott's tracks are sonic upgrades.