Various ‎– Boycott The Beatles

Calypso Now ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, Promo, Sampler, C90


A1 Cleaners From Venus Under Wartime Conditions
A2 Cleaners From Venus In The Golden Autumn
A3 Cleaners From Venus On Any Normal Monday
A4 Cleaners From Venus Midnight Cleaners
A5 The Time (3) Under The Flightpath
A6 Duchamp Change
A7 Deprogrammers Missed Takes
A8 Evan Presley* The Singing Sensation From The Id
A9 Chumps The Problems With Saxophones
A10 Walls Of Genius Almost Groovy!
A11 Mystery Plane The Dead Presley Tapes
A12 WeR7 Rock'N'Roll Is The Most
A13 The Lo Yo Yo (Same)
A14 Look De Bouk / The Lo Yo Yo Double Dog Dare
A15 The Same (2) Sync Or Swim
A16 General Motors IOW 76/
A17 Robert Cox Random Music
A18 Unknown Artist Felixstowe Rocks
A19 Chris Carter (2) (Same)
A20 Portion Control Shot In The Belly
A21 Attrition On Slaught
A22 Unknown Artist Visions
A23 The Legendary Pink Dots Basilisk
A24 Audio Leter / Attrition Action And Reaction
A25 Audio Leter Invention: Romance Of Entropy
A26 Sue Ann Harkey Listen, Little Man
A27 Audio Leter / Kitchen Table Ensemble Definitely Pre-Cataclysmic In Nature
A28 Nisus Anal Furgler (Same)
B1 NTL* Pourquoi De Musique?
B2 Unknown Artist Ltd/Ltd.
B3 Viscera In A Foreign Film
B4 Unknown Artist Minutes To Go
B5 Craig Burk Group / Shrug (4) Audio Verite
B6 Unknown Artist Red Tape
B7 Fundamentalists* Faith Vs. The 20th Century
B8 Unknown Artist Penumbra
B9 Unknown Artist Double Vision
B10 Bene Gesserit Live In Belgium & Holland
B11 NTL* Pourquoi De Paix?
B12 Drunken Dolphins Pictures Become Suspicious
B13 Bande Berne Crematoire (Same)
B14 Nacht'Raum / Nisus Anal Furgler Live Zofingen
B15 P16.D4 V.r.n.l.
B16 P16.D4 Wer Nicht Arbeiten Will Soll Auch Nicht
B17 Permutative Distorsion Brückenkopf Im Niemandsland
B18 Unknown Artist Reissaus Vor Krach Und Chaos
B19 Half Japanese* B.k.a. 10^10 Watts
B20 Polyvix (Same)
B21 Nocturnal Emissions Live At Ritzy Brixton
B22 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft Live Berlin 1980
B23 Non Toxique Lost Live London 1984
B24 NTL* Pourquoi De Résistance?
B25 Unknown Artist Segments
B26 Rich Stim Playette



Audio catalogue with short excerpts from tapes of the label.