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December 5, 2010

Review from Grooves Magazine: Hidden behind the crude packaging and the even cruder title is a fine compilation of Texas breakcore tracks. Having seen all of these outfits DJ and play live I can vouch for their collective ability to move (and sometimes repel) a crowd with their frantic and harsh mix of hardcore breakbeats and ragga-inflected noise. On disc, the distortion and density of their live acts is reduced, but the energetic interplay of super-fast cut-up drumbeats and monstrous tasty basslines remains. Ickoo's fantastic "Going 40 mph Down The Freeway", like it's title suggests, imagines a slow motion, stoned trip down a concrete blacktop, pumping a sluggish, dubbed out beat through a fogged up windshield. "Gag on This", also from Ickoo, is a spastic mix of violent, ever-changing drum patterns and unintelligible, sampled screams. Virus B-23 throws in 4 fine tracks, slightly less unhinged than Ickoo's, but special mention must be made of his reworking of James Brown's "I Feel Good", which envelops the great man's howls in a bath of distorted drums. A fairly stunning demolition. Yow. One thing both Ickoo and Virus b-23 have mastered is that trademark of breakcore, the flying out-of-nowhere 300 m.p.h. slamming breakbeat - you'll be repeatedly hammered by variations on this theme throughout all these tracks. Texas Noise Factory is a proponent of a genre that I haven't quite figured out yet - "speedbass". It sounds to me like a close relative of gabber but don't take my word for it. The two Texas Noise Factory tracks on here are more on the breakcore tip and benefit from the assured production hand of headman Daniel Taylor, an vet who knows how to make noisy tracks sound polished and varied. The sole track by improvising percussionist Mystikal William Steelsum is an odd bit of electronic drum mayhem, lower-key and much less dense than everything else on here, and at ten minutes almost twice as long as every other piece this comp. Layers of grainy effected percussion build up to something that resembles Pole remixing a stark and minimal drum'n'bass track. - Carlos M. Pozo