Various ‎– Brutally Sickness - Mollested And Dismembered

Cassette, Compilation


Killing People's (Intro)
A1 Carnally Decimated Modern Criminal Investigation
A2 Imprecatory Arogansi Perut Buncit
A3 Repudiate Ocean Of Storms
A4 Criminal Vagina Sexual Attack
A5 Dispossed Dead By Nothing
A6 Antraks (2) Forgotten Fears
A7 Decomposed Putrid Stench Purulency
A8 Devoured Abdominous Prophet Erection
A9 Dieruction Vanished Integration
A10 Abstain (2) Revocation
A11 Bloody Terror Phidopylia Halusio Genetic Sindroma
A12 Bloody Vomit Fuck The Life
A13 Crime To Murder Bangsaku Ejakulasi
A14 Death Phenomenon Jihad
A15 Dramatic Violent Internal Dominion
A16 Epidemic Of Hate Death Is Not Guarantee
A17 Hypercan Sakit, Mati Dan Membusuk
B1 S.I.D Drunk Your Beer, Smoke Your Weed
B2 Lumpur Dissillutiontment
B3 Noxa Terrorist Effect
B4 Pernicious Hate In Fear...
B5 Tympanic Membrane Rusuk Terakhir Waktu
B6 Kolobos Reincarnasi
B7 Omnium Gatherum (2) Keys Of Opportunities
B8 Inhumanity (3) Extreme Bizarre Action
B9 Keramat The Depth Of My Soul
B10 Killharmonic Antiwar
B11 Infected Tendence Mass Murder
B12 Sodomize Of Bleeding Vomited Anal The Bleeding
B13 Zorboothus Autoerotic Strangulation
B14 Prosatanica Deat Bad
B15 River Blood Depresi
Die...... (Outro)