Various ‎– Burger Corpse



Last Generation (6) I Hate School
Last Generation (6) Hinckley's Theme Song
Last Generation (6) Powerful
Skelter Helter Might Makes Right
Skelter Helter The Neighborhood
Skelter Helter Happy Song
Ground Zero (7) Food Fight
Ground Zero (7) One 1/2 Hour
Church Picnic Valste Triste
Church Picnic Did You Hear/What the Heck
Mr. Slate (2) Whose Fault Is It?
Mr. Slate (2) I'm on Drugs
Employees Only Suburban Life
Employees Only Tim
Boy Elroy Punk Rock, Man
Steve McQueen & The Good Brains Dub Monster
S.I.B. (3) Louie Louie
27 Various All the Kings
27 Various What I Want
27 Various Chico and Tex
Noble Mice You Really Got Me
One Happy Family Suss
Hypstrz* I Live in a City that Rocks
RA Sewage No Mooses in My Backyard

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