Various ‎– CAE Winter 1986-87/Aural Sampler

Cause And Effect ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, Promo, C90


A1 Viscera Snot
A2 If, Bwana / Dog As Master Untranslatable
A3 John Duncan Dark Market Broadcast
A4 Human Flesh Meditation And Fears
A5 Algebra Suicide Big Skin
A6 Various Cause And Effect Compilation 003 Mirage
A7 Various Cause And Effect Compilation 002 The Heterodox Conclusion
A8 Various Cause And Effect Compilation 001 Best Text Of Japan
A9 Jabon As Fess
A10 Blackhouse Five Minutes After I Die
A11 Negativland Jamcon 84
A12 Nurse With Wound Ladies Home Tickler
A13 Viscera Sweat
A14 Viscera Get In The Action
A15 Viscera Hot And Cold
A16 Viscera Who Is This One
A17 Viscera A Whole Universe Of Horror Movies
A18 Viscera In A Foreign Film
A19 Master/Slave Relationship Throwing It To The Wind
A20 Master/Slave Relationship Blue Faced Lust
A21 Master/Slave Relationship The Heaviest
A22 Master/Slave Relationship "Fanatic"/"Embracing Power"
A23 Master/Slave Relationship The Desire To Castrate Father
A24 Dog As Master Incidental Vibrations
A25 Dog As Master Pure Torture
A26 Dog As Master Conduit
A27 Dog As Master Corroboree
A28 Dog As Master Dog Food
A29 Dog As Master Trompeur Et Sournois
A30 Dog As Master Black Body
A31 Dog As Master Coffee Spleen And The Barking Dog
B1 DDAA Noise Builing Nation
B2 Controlled Bleeding Head Chalk
B3 Problemist Live 1981-85
B4 Lokomotiv SS* Lokomotiv SS
B5 X Ray Pop* Freaks Army Life
B6 X Ray Pop* Pirates
B7 Smersh The Tuna Is An Ugly Fish
B8 Julie Frith Let's Do Something Different
B9 Psyclones Underground Beat
B10 Merzbow Ushi Tra
B11 Borbetomagus Live At Inroads
B12 F/I* Radio 2
B13 F/I* Illumanati
B14 F/I* Lords
B15 F/I* Y
B16 F/I* Zombie
B17 Richard Franecki Points
B18 Richard Franecki Test Pattern
B19 Richard Franecki Zones
B20 Richard Franecki Two Drones
B21 Schlafengarten World Without Corners
B22 The Haters Visionary Actions Now
B23 If, Bwana Beware The Sleeping Squid
B24 Attrition Death House
B25 L'Akstremauncio* Pogrom A Aschkenas
B26 Schlafengarten "Strange New City"/"Mouse Nite"
B27 Les Enfants Terribles* "Charnel"/"Lust"
B28 The Concrete Etendue The Concrete Etendue
B29 Absolute Body Control Live
B30 Bene Gesserit Live In Belgium And Holland
B31 Various Insane Music For Insane People Vol.4


Issued to promote CAE releases or media available there.
Tracks are excerpts from mentioned albums/releases.