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Corrosive Records (2) ‎– CORROSIVE 002
Vinyl, 12"


A Chris Liberator And Sterling Moss* Acid Corrosion 7:40
B1 Austin Corrosive Champion Sound 7:50
B2 Tassid Lethal Poison 7:39


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July 29, 2017
want =) did anyone sell it ?
please text me if you have one


January 14, 2017
Hi all,i'm gonna say this here,and only once. Concerning represses.Making vinyl is a labour of love and we have to sell pretty much every copy to cover the cost(half through distributor at virtually no profit,rest through suf shop if we can move them all). What is worthy of a repress is not always apparent til much further down the line when a 'classic' has sold out of it's first run and begins to be hunted down (at which point inflated discogs prices ensue). If there is still metalwork we can repress,and yes, it is worthwhile doing this as there are no mastering costs this time round so better chance of making some money back,but often,the oversubscribed pressing plants have ditched the metalwork so it's no go without starting again. In the case of corrosive 002 this was the sad situation i'm afraid. SUF collective, which is really just our online shop and the labels it supports is slowly declining and we are in danger of disappearing as we have pretty much run out of cash and blags as people seem to prefer buying on discogs etc, so if you really want to support the scene buy the new records at their cheap 'new' price from us when they come out because that is the only way all our labels have a chance of continuing, and the best way you have of nailing the vinyl you want before it disappears!!


November 10, 2016
What the hell .... make a repress please!!! WE all wanted these hot record!!! but no repress in sight...


February 29, 2016

Amazing floor stomper by chris liberator and sterling moss!!! Acid Corrosion is the one that totally stands out on this release. Just wish they had more copies available.


February 7, 2015
Tassid's "Lethal Posison" samples M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" off of her 2007 album Kala. The entire break, lasting from 04:10 to 05:00 actually contains the entire first verse of that track. The climax bits sample the chorus and other various lyrics.
Granted, given the origin of the sample, you have to give credit where it is due: Tassid brings home more bacon than you could shake a stick at, with an utterly powerful, no non-nense techno onslaught, that carefully teases the listener in with tantalizing vocals and a carefully unleashed acid lead which is only properly introduced well into the last third of the track. Once the stars are properly aligned, and when it all comes together, there's hardly a sonic defibrillator out there packing the intensity "Lethal Poison" does. You'd have to be playing for a bunch of mentally challenged hamsters if you manage not to win the crowd over with this belter. Not the most intelligent tune out there, but you're not going all mad trying to pick this piece of wax up because you want an IQ implant, right?

"Acid Corrosion" is bloody spectacular and not a bloody least bit. Period. Beaming acid riffs drive along by clobbering percussion running at a pace that moves faster than the mercury inside the batteries of Lucifer's wrist watch. Pure awesomeness. The vocal is mad filthy and corroded (duh!), and the TB-303 lead actually succeeds in accomplishing that rare feat where old school and present dance floor theatrics meet in perfect harmony. The sultry acid will instantly make you succumb to the relentless drums, and in no time you'll be all over the place 'avin it!!! The end. Classic in the making right here.

Honorable mention goes to "Champion Sound", which isn't really my cup of tea, yet it remains a totally messy acid tech affair, dark and pounding front to back, but when you get squeezed between two numbers of the caliber present here, unless you sample and copy both, you'll have a hard time competing. Basically, the jaw dropping awesome Corrosive saga continues. Two of these tunes are off the chain decimating distant corners of your brain. Get this one.


October 15, 2014
edited 4 months ago
100 euros for this record - what a joke

Granted its excellent stuff but come on get real

All these comments - come on - one of the best acid techno vinyls in years due really to Tassid's Lethal Poison but and the best release on this label by far - still destroys a lot of the current wave of new releases of acid techno and not a repress in sight . Ridiculous :(

Still waiting for a repress

Now 273 people want it do the math, what a waste of musical expansive intelligence.

Shall I get my blind Daredevil persona out in London and save those acidheads :(

I take Mr Chris Liberator's point on board but still why press, metal work etc and release new acid techno records when they seriously do and would not sell as many like this vinyl would ; because IMO the current new UK release acid techno scene tunes are still not nearly as good as these 3 stormers - and no disrespect to current artists but I feel I speak the truth . At least on Discogs you can gauge how many people want a vinyl and then - I'm not talking about making money just providing the recoup of your costs and possibly towards some profit towards pressing another release

Charge £10 a copy this would recover all production costs and then some.

Or even a new producer of a vinyl label come along and ask to press these tracks with Stay Up Forever's permission who ever holds the copyright. It's not rocket science.

I feel this is a bit of a joke talking about mastering costs - surely there are people in your collective that can do that for free


May 9, 2013
edited 5 months ago

Genius release that has aged like a tasty wine.

I'll start with the monstrous behemoth that is Acid Corrosion. Wow, this track contains massive power and energy, and a wonderful, classic acid riff. In fact, the track almost sounds like an insane, take-no-prisoners remix of Pump Panel's old-school classic, Confusion. It actually reminds me of something I said about a different track roughly fifteen years ago: "it never stops being awesome!" Acid Corrosion is a corking tune from beginning to end, simple as that. 5/5.

Lethal Poison is similarly awesome. It's dark and dirty, and has a sweet, haunting vocal in the breakdown in conjunction with a stripped-down percussion groove. And the acid work both before and after the breakdown is great---twisted, wicked, and sinister. Brilliant stuff, 5/5.

Finally, we come to the label-master himself, Mr. Corrosive. I loved Austin's track on Corrosive 001, but I must admit: when I first encountered Champion Sound here, I wasn't too keen on it. Its level of dissonance was just a bit too high, and for whatever reason, I couldn't get into it.

Eventually, though, I gave the track a few more listens, and I like it a bit better now. All things considered, it's still not one of my favorite tracks, but it has grown on me considerably. 3.5/5.

All in all, an ace release like few others.