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Corrosive Records (2) ‎– CORROSIVE 003
Vinyl, 12"


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February 4, 2015
The sample on Nightmare " I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking / So I'll just walk like a giant, police defiant " is taken from Ice-T's 1988 song Colors. Amazing vocal snippet, getting chopped up and all, suits perfectly the aggressiveness of the percussion and the ascending, filthy acid riff. Madness.

That said, I second the opinion about The Acid Corporation being the stand out tune here. It might kick off on a more minimal note, however by the time you reach the three minute mark, you'll be tossed in the all too familiar 303 driven territory. Intense, funky, overwhelming melodic climax that just adds layer upon layer of the TB-303 to seeming acoustic infinity. Not revolutionary in the least bit, but will do the trick when you want to make the transition from 2015 to 1995. It would go down a storm with Lochi, Dr. Octopus and company...

Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss do what Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss have been doing for years now: deliver rocking acid techno. Definitely a good, pumping and uplifting workout, yet nothing you haven't heard before from these misfits, and a step down the ladder when compared to their awesome contribution in the second installment of the Corrosive story or the "We're On The Outside" release on Stay Up Forever. My main gripe with the tune is the repetitive vocal. The scum like us like acid phrase starts coming out of your nose by the break, and the fact the acid hook never really develops beyond the first minute doesn't really help either. Which, basically means you are left with a relatively entertaining sample, and an addictive, albeit fairly simple lead for well over seven minutes, which is not something I'd ever want to brag about. Nevertheless, a good effort.

Like the other three vinyls on the mighty and mysterious Corrosive imprint, this is worth having. The whole B side radiates acidic glory, although the release as a whole falls a tad short of masterpieces contained within ORROSIVE 002 and ORROSIVE 004.


November 12, 2013

It's all about The Acid Corporation.. flat-out old skool acid that mixes in lovely with older tracks such as Quasar or London Acid City. Pure Class. Check out UFO recordings for more fine examples of this sound.


October 11, 2013
edited over 5 years ago
Thanks for the acid heads up ! IMPO the Nightmare track is the best on this awesome EP. A WIcked angry sample in the break and a quality sick acid building line to get clubbers minds electrified !


October 3, 2013

buy a copy from stay up forever while it's cheap.... avoid discogs capitalists. plus the vinyl is awesome. all 3 tunes!


September 11, 2013
edited over 4 years ago

another little acid techno anthem by chris and sterling with scum like us, catchy vocal with intent followed up expertly by the naked rockstars on an oldskool SUF tip reach for the sky style building energetic acid trance with the acid corporation reminiscant of stretch armstrong type of sound and some of geezers earlier acid trance tunes....nightmare is just deep and dirty,,,

classy release