Various ‎– Can You Pooker Romany? Gypsy & Tinker Cant Of Britain & Ireland

Folktracks (2) ‎– FSD-60-441
Cassette, Compilation


English Romany Speakers
A1 Wally Fuller Can You Puka Romanies? 0:32
A2 Wally Fuller Clothing & Parts Of Body 1:05
A3 Wally Fuller Various Phrases Explained 1:55
A4 Jack Fuller (4), Jimmy Smith (43) Conversation Betwen Jack Fuller And Jimmy Smith Explained Afterward 3:25
A5 Charlie Scamp The Atching Tan Song 2:53
A6 Charlie Scamp And Ted (18) Conversation Between Charlie And His Brother, Ted, With Explanation By Charlie Afterwards 1:49
A7 Charlie Scamp And Ted (18) Further Conversation 1:28
A8 Charlie Scamp And Ted (18) Untitled 0:56
A9 Charlie Scamp And Ted (18) Untitled 0:56
A10 Carolyne Hughes Mandi Went To The Poov The Grai (Song) 0:48
Welsh Romany Speakers
A11 Hywel Wood And Manfri Wood* Conversation Between Hywel Wood And His Brother, Manfri Wood 4:20
A12 Hywel* Explanation By Hywel 2:06
A13 Hywel* With Peter Kennedy (2) Vocabulary 2:53
A14 Hywel Wood Kana Di Kantu (Did You Ever See?) 1:25
Irish Tinker's Cant ("Gammon")
B1 Paddy Ryan (3) With Sean O'Boyle (2) Paddy Ryan (Of Tipperary) With Sean O'Boyle 4:45
B2 Paddy Doran And Paddy Ryan (3) Conversation Between Paddy Doran (Of New Ross, Co. Wexford) And Paddy Ryan, Explained Afterwards
B3 Paddy Ryan (3), Willie Smith (9) Vocabulary Of Gammon & Romany 2:49
B4 Paddy Ryan (3) Parts Of Body & Clothing In Gammon 0:50
B5 Willie Smith (9) As Above In Romany 0:41
B6 Mary Connor* And Kate Doran Explained By Paddy Ryan (3) Coversation 4:04
B7 Willie Smith (9) Animal Names In Romany 0:33
Scots Tinkers' Cant
B8 Jimmie McBeath* The Next Pudden Ken (Song) 5:48
B9 Davie Stewart* I Binged Avree 2:38
B10 Jeannie Robertson Nae Mair I'll Bing A-Choring 1:13

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From cover: "Here are samples of the various secret languages used by travellers - both English & Welsh Romany gipsies and by Irish & Scots tinkers. In addition to vocabulary, phrases & conversations, there are songs in Romany and in Tinker cant. The recordings were made by Peter Kennedy between 1952 and 1968."

Includes a folded printout of notes on pink paper.