Various ‎– Cataclastic Fracture

Deadline Recordings ‎– none
3 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, C90


Volume One
A1 The Grey Wolves The Viral Factory
A2 Aube Spill
A3 Chop Shop (3) Groundless Refuse Of Activity
A4 Taint Piquerism
A5 Black Leather Jesus Body Slave
A6 Illusion Of Safety Abura
A7 Merzbow Twisted Damiano
A8 Sudden Infant Dicktitt No.2
A9 Extreme Hair Stench Marianne Rosenburg
B1 Monde Bruits Electric Lady Cunt
B2 The Haters Silent Shovel
B3 Macronympha Machine Shop Rapist
B4 Rotten Piece Lit On Fire
B5 C.C.C.C. Unconditional Sequence
B6 David Gilden Are You A Factory Worker....?
B7 Insect Libido Band Galactus
B8 Infant Mortality Rate Daddy
B9 My Blood On The Nod
Volume Two
A1 Tranquil (2) Sleeping Sickness
A2 Melt-Banana Diego
A3 Turmoil In The Toybox Tantric Trauma
A4 AMK Quash
A5 Daredevil (3) We Ride The Bullet Train
A6 Trance Infectious Unease
A7 Due Process Fuck Off
A8 Richard Ramirez Noise Killer
A9 Succumb (3) Toybox Manipulation
A10 Anal Drill Chained Victim
B1 Violent Onsen Geisha Flamin' Guitar From Hell
B2 Fragmented Beyond The Threshold Of All Existence
B3 159 61 4538 02
B4 Lozenge Imposse
B5 Arcane Device Clocktower (Live)
B6 Bastard Noise Human Plecotomus
B7 E.E.E. Asphasia (Part 1)
B8 Cyclops Joint Wrecked Head
Volume Three
A1 Con-Dom Con-Dom/Exterminator
A2 Xaos Theory Transneural Express
A3 Angelhood Death And The Maiden
A4 Pleasure Center F:U
A5 MSBR Apocalism
A6 Incapacitants Burning Subsidiary
A7 Thirdorgan Alzheimer's Disease
A8 Orifice Training Casual Living
A9 Ninth Massacre / Infant Erection Taste Anal Honey
A10 Emil Beaulieau Eventwork (Excerpt)
B1 Smell & Quim Honey, I Butt-Fucked The Dog
B2 Traci Lords Loves Noise Pissed Off Orgasm (Part 2)
B3 Slave Labor Untitled
B4 Incest Killed Tracy Steelworks
B5 Gun Kick Cool Kick 2
B6 Retardo Al Dante Untitled
B7 S.H.A.F.T. Hellfire
B8 blackhumour Ongoing
B9 Meat Shop The Draining Cage
B10 E.E.E. / Actus Dei Opera Spindle
B11 Jesus Worm Orchestra Womb Of A Rodent (Excerpt)



CD (collage) version has different track listing.
Set was an edition of 75. Came with booklet.

*Bastard Noise was incorrectly labeled as Man is the Bastard on the cd version.
**blackhumour was also incorrectly spelled on the cd version.