Various ‎– Chaotic Dissonance VOL. 1

Chaotic Dissonance ‎– CD001
Cassette, Compilation, Unofficial Release


A1 So What (6) Bauout Drug
A2 So What (6) The Tempted By The Devil
A3 So What (6) Why Kid Violence Rage
A4 So What (6) Go To Hell
A5 So What (6) Sorrows Continuative
A6 A.T. Det Wheeze
A7 A.T. Det Death Shadows
A8 A.T. Det Louse Brothers
A9 A.T. Det Last Child Has No Power
A10 Kuro X / 絶望
A11 Kuro Human Gas
A12 Kuro Body
A13 Kuro Who The Helpless
A14 Kuro Selfish Cow
A15 Kuro お前だ / OiMaeda
A16 Kuro No More No
A17 Deef (6) We Kill All Punk Rock Heroes
A18 Deef (6) War
A19 Deef (6) 脳テン
A20 Deef (6) 拷問
A21 Deef (6) メス
A22 Deef (6) Y
A23 Deef (6) Detai
A24 Deef (6) 幻想的教育論
A25 Deef (6) キ・ン・タ・マ!?
A26 Deef (6) 家畜
A27 Deef (6) ナイ
A28 Deef (6) 自殺
A29 Deef (6) サルの肉
A30 Deef (6) 天国パイロット
B1 Gas (7) 反日本
B2 Gas (7) 反戦
B3 Gas (7)
B4 Gas (7) 奇形
B5 Gas (7) Thalidomide
B6 Husky Voice Fight Through The Life
B7 Husky Voice Don't Mercy
B8 Husky Voice Dead Or Life
B9 Husky Voice Shocks Lover
B10 State Children Chaos
B11 State Children Starve To Death
B12 State Children Thirteen Step
B13 State Children Contorol Mama
B14 Deadless Muss Atomic Bomb
B15 Deadless Muss Break Down
B16 Deadless Muss KZ (強制収容所)
B17 Deadless Muss Kill The Right Wing
B18 Deadless Muss Negai
B19 Deadless Muss A-O.K.
B20 Deadless Muss Final Bet
B21 Gasmask 抹殺
B22 Gasmask ダイオキシン
B23 Gasmask
B24 Gasmask 政論の暴言


Japanese comp including the following:
A1-A5 So What - Injustice (8" Flexi; D.I.S. Records 1985)
A6-A9 A.T. Det - Last Child Has No Power (7" EP; More Records 1985)
A10-A16 Kuro - Who The Helpless (7" EP; Blue Jug 1984)
A17-A30 Deef - Reel Control (Demo Cassette; Seika企画 1984)
B1-B5 Gas - No More Hiroshima (7" Flexi; 自殺レーベル 1982)
B6-B-9 Husky Voice - Husky Voice (7" Flexi; Husky Recors 1987)
B10-B13 State Children - Bomb Shelter For Money Making (7" Flexi; More Records 1985)
B14-B20 Deadless Muss - Rise Against (7" Flexi; D.I.S. Records 1984)
B21-24 Gasmask - Gasmask (7" EP; Skeleton Records 1985)