Various ‎– Codreanu: Eine Erinnerung An Den Kampf



Von Thronstahl Hail The Captain And Thy Guard! 3:06
Entr'aide Nationale Sacrifice En Marche 8:21
Belborn Erde Der Ahnen 3:46
Tribe Of Circle Te Deum - Total Pentru Tara 5:06
Warcom Hail Death! 4:30
Dawn & Dusk Entwined The Awaker 6:55
Ain Soph Legione Di San Michele 7:13
Darkwood Mord & Lüge 4:21
Scivias Fiat Lux 5:48
Novo Homo We March With Boots Of Fire 4:53
Dernière Volonté Ma Foi Est Mon Combat 7:03
Blood Axis The Storm Before The Calm, Part One 7:48
The Days Of The Trumpet Call Armed With Fire & Sword 5:09
Spiritual Front The Longest Winter Of The Strongest Heart 3:37
The Days Of The Trumpet Call From Above Time 4:57
Londinium SPQR Europa - Long Live Death! 3:06
Book And Sword Obedience Is A Form Of Love 3:02
Changes Dream Of The Fatherland 3:47
Egoaedes Reverted Liberalism MMI 2:32
Socrates Wounded Childhood Of A Leader 2:32
Marienburg Jugend L'Apocalypse De Notre Temps - Veglia Eterna 1:11
Invisible Empire Pro Guardia 7:08
Republik Awake Modern Man (Threefold Unit) 4:16
Soul Of Steel Univeral Soldier's Song 5:03
Foresta Di Ferro Militia Christi 6:09
Argine Memorie 5:16
Natural Faith Project And The Forces Will Fight For You 4:01
Von Thronstahl St. Michael's Path Of Fire & Glory 5:05
Wutanes Heer Die Ehre, Der Sieg Und Der Tod 5:28
Sotto Fascia Semplice Without Crosses 1:46

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