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6 × Cassette
Cassette, Single Sided, Reissue
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Enterfant - Gregory Arkadin - Online Anarchy
A1 Enterfant I 1:36
A2 Enterfant II 3:26
A3 Enterfant III 3:43
A4 Enterfant IV 16:22
A5 Enterfant V 11:53
B1 Gregory Arkadin Tenshi Hinanawi 15:19
B2 Online Anarchy* The Egg Yolk Party 9:37
Enterfant - Hal Omz - Brooklyn 22 Stranded - Q Fever
C Enterfant Carper Beater 8:58
D1 Hal Omz Slowly Crushed 2:55
D2 The Brooklyn 22 Stranded 9/27/13
Acoustic Guitar – Arek Orosz, Raphael Beharie
D3 Q Fever (2) Zombie Gorilla Riotstarter 1:43
Enterfant - Gregaress - Dirt Jerry
E1 Enterfant Excerpt/Demo 1:17
E2 Enterfant Live At Old Cut Bay, MD
Clarinet – Raph*Electric Guitar – Arek OroszHorn [Baritone Horn] – Raph*Saxophone – Isa*, Raph*
E3 Enterfant Live At The Runout House, April.13.2015 14:29
F1 Gregaress Gritty Loco 10:13
F2 Dirt Jerry Industrial Waltz
Instrumentation By – Katie MHVocals – Matt Osterholt
Enterfant Split With Reptilejesus
G Enterfant I 16:11
H1 Reptilejesus Medicinal Vomit 4:54
H2 Reptilejesus Oil Matted Hair 7:00
H3 Reptilejesus Outof 13:14
Enterfant / Kelley / Expression / Stupid Fucks
I Enterfant Heavy Combustion 8:56
J1 Kelley (5) Above The Bed 0:18
J2 The Stupid Fucks Track 0 0:02
J3 Expression (13) Stress Test Of A Microphone 0:48
Live In Aberdeen 2014
K1 Enterfant Soft Piccolo July.15.2014 2:41
K2 Enterfant The Runout House Jan.8.2014 4:00
Split With Lucy And The Socials
L1 Lucy And The Socials Lucio Mercy Symmetra 2:46
L2 Lucy And The Socials Justice Rains From Above 1:45
M1 Enterfant Boomerang 5:00
M2 Enterfant Boiler 9:00
Enterfant Split With Lent
1-1 Enterfant Heavydew 17:21
1-2 Lent Internal Purity Sacrificed Repeatedly 16:32
1-3 Lent Combustion From Simultaneous Forgiveness 12:50
Enterfant - Childhood Sweetheart - txetx
2-1 Enterfant Silk Sunset 2:19
2-2 Enterfant Recording From Performance At Raphs Basement, 2013
Acoustic Guitar – Raphael B.*Vocals, Instruments [Metal Objects] – Arek Orosz
2-3 Childhood Sweetheart* [an excerpt from lover boy] 2:25
2-4 Childhood Sweetheart* [an excerpt from 'i'm here! thank you for inviting me!'] 4:07
2-5 txetx 33 exce 8:33
Enterfant - Qersty - Myst Mach
3-1 Enterfant Live 2014/Nov/09 2:17
3-2 Enterfant Live 2014/Nov/10 2:09
3-3 Qersty Untitled 7:54
3-4 Qersty Untitled 0:03
3-5 Qersty Untitled 1:13
3-6 Qersty Untitled 10:14
3-7 Myst Mach M-RQ703-D 1 33:45
3-8 Myst Mach M-RQ703-D 2
Various Artists CD
4-1 Floral Blue Drone Typ 4:18
4-2 M. Alcántara Spring Crystal Water On A Winter Pond, Staring Into Heaven / Divine Coronations For Our Heir Prince 9:42
4-3 Enterfant Smear 4:39
4-4 Sonny Angel Mavros (A Call To Prayer) 1:57
4-5 Cyclostome Ghost 5:16
4-6 No Artist Intermission 1:04
4-7 Piecefucker Untitled 0:52
4-8 Softly Spit* Softly Spit 10:06
5-1 Enterfant 2013-2016 13:41
Unreleased & Rare
6-1 Enterfant Collections 4:07
6-2 Enterfant + Gregaress Untitled
Acoustic Guitar, Alto Recorder – Isaac*Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Other [Broken Toy Mic] – Arek*
6-3 Enterfant Sodium Addictive Part I 9:20
6-4 Enterfant Vessel Damage - Track 10 Outtake 0:14
Live 2016 - Digestion in San Antonio
SD-1 Enterfant Digestion, San Antonio Mar.13.2016 16:02
Tape Cuts
DVD-1 Enterfant Tape Cuts 6:24

Companies, etc.



Limited edition of only 1 copy. All media is housed in a small decorated box with sequin/confetti inside and two inserts: a folded red piece of paper showing release info/advert and a "release list" printed on transparency film. "Stupid Fucks" is handwritten as "SF"

On the front of the box, "Enterfant" is stamped

"Enterfant - Gregory Arkadin - Online Anarchy"
Side A: All recorded in garage and bedroom
Side B: Track 1 - "Recorded on January 29th, 2016 at 9:45 PM by the sole soul that goes by the name Jean M."; Track 2 - "Recorded from my garage, Mar.7.16"

"Enterfant - Hal Omz - Brooklyn 22 Stranded - Q Fever"
Recorded in 2016 (Carpet Beater), 2015 (Hal Omz), 2009 (Q Fever) and 2013 (Brooklyn 22)

"Enterfant - Gregaress - Dirt Jerry"
Side A - "Excerpt/Demo" is from Vessel Damage, recorded from bedroom. Track 2 contains live excerpts recorded live from Soft Piccolo/The Cage/The Canopy Rock Fest at Aberdeen, MD - Aug, 30-31 2014 with Isabella and Raphael.
"Vessel Damage and Crystallized Eyes" is misspelled as "Vessel Damage and Crystalized Eyess"

"Enterfant split with Reptilejesus"
Side A - Recorded from Garage
Side B - For "medicinal Vomit" and "oil matted hair" samples of classical and contemporary music with themes of religion, samples of spoken word poetry, audio clips from some unsettling videos and a few ghost EVPS.
The ambient track "outof" was a field recording of the winter wind during a particularly rough blizzard late at night, the recording was then stretched and warped post production.

"Enterfant - Kelley - The Stupid Fucks - Expression"
Photo taken by Kelley

Tape Six is from Live
Soft Piccolo/The Runout House, Aberdeen, MD 2014
"Enterfant - Qersty - Myst Mach"
Myst Mach - "Extracted from 7" tape playing at 3 3/4ths"

"Various Artists CD"
Track 4 is from Online Anarchy / Softly Spit Split EP

Recorded from 2013-2016 and mixed/mastered in 2016 by Arek Orosz
CD is packaged inside a clear o-shell case

"Unreleased & Rare"
Track 6-1 - Excerpt from Side B of Collections Promotional Tape Ltd. 1
Track 6-2 originally recorded on unreleased tape with Gregaress
Track 6-3 - Excerpt from Side A of Sodium Addiction
Track 6-4 - Outtake from "X" off of Vessel Damage & Crystallized Eyes
"All recorded by Arek O. in 2014-2016"

"Live 2016 - Digestion in San Antonio" - SD card housed inside a red heart-shaped plastic container

"Tape Cuts"
Info is handwritten on the back of cover
"Excerpts from unreleased vhs tape. Contains performance at Sidney Park, Aberdeen, MD 8/16/14
All visuals, images and sounds created by Arek. O"

© ℗ Distinguishing Autopsy 2016. THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR JOINING!
© ℗ All rights are reserved to the artists and label.