Various ‎– Corrupted Cause

Soulseek Records ‎– slsk005
2 × File, MP3, Mixed, 192 kbps
2 × File, MP3, VBR

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DJ Mix – ps
1.1 ACP Return Of A Bad Habit
1.2 Lost_Bit Lava Flow
1.3 DJ ^_^ The Single Worst Piece Of Shit In The History Of Everything Ever (Oh Lord Have Mercy On My Soul For Creating An Abomination As Fucking Terrible As This)
1.4 serocell 22
1.5 Mirdog Syad Egarag
1.6 What You Asked For Nanosphere Complex
1.7 Undacova Human Nature
1.8 Undacova Human Nature (Bionic Rerun)
1.9 Kernel32 Tank Fly Boss Walk Jam Nitty Gritty You're Listening To The Sounds Of Shoulderpads
DJ Mix – ps
2.1 Depixel Metal Mugs
2.2 Depixel Today An Artist Was Born
2.3 Apetit The Horrible And Bloody Vengeance Of Phillip Michael Thomas
2.4 serocell O2
2.5 ps This Is How The System Files That I Hacked From KDP Sounds Like
2.6 Mirdog Syad Egarag
2.7 k5k Ode To Madame Chao
2.8 Sttf Over And Over Again
2.9 ACP The Embarassing Car Accident
DJ Mix – Apetit
3.1 Aphid Resonance Auntie Aggie's Whirlwind2
3.2 Bulldozerman In The Discetoilet
3.3 Aphid Resonance What Really Happened
3.4 Apetit Capitalism Skullgrind Tango
3.5 Erphax DK Is Some If It All
3.6 Phylebrag Failure
3.7 De Buffel I Love To Play With Barbie And Ken
3.8 Danny Kreutzfeldt Harber
3.9 Apetit This One's For The Cabbages
3.10 Rev. Aphex Empire On Mars* Stardust
3.11 Auan Free
DJ Mix – Apetit
4.1 Mirdog Piece 1
4.2 Orphax Iekade
4.3 Oswellm Play That Fucking Music Gay Boy
4.4 Plagasul Protophonia Embraced
4.5 Trina Sim Letter A
4.6 Terminal Shock Disillusionary
4.7 Lee The Slev And Me Wtfdavidleeroth
4.8 Qwe The Only Noise That Ear's The Purple Bucket
4.9 Psy-Sci Feel Ma Beeeaaat
4.10 Psy-Sci Coming Through
4.11 Qwe Grow
4.12 Qwe Explain Why This Isn't Music



Created by Soulseek Records members out of tracks
collected in early to mid 2003,
mixed nearly a year later, released in april 2005.

Why: Because we hate your eardrums.