Various ‎– Creation Artifact: The Dawn Of Creation Records 1983-1985

Cherry Red ‎– CRCDBOX19
5 × CD, Compilation
Box Set


1-1 The Legend! ‘73 In ’83
1-2 The Legend! You (Chunka Chunka) Were Glamorous
1-3 The Legend! Melt The Guns
1-4 Revolving Paint Dream Flowers In The Sky
1-5 Revolving Paint Dream In The Afternoon
1-6 Biff Bang Pow! Fifty Years Of Fun
1-7 Biff Bang Pow! Then When I Scream
1-8 The Jasmine Minks Think!
1-9 The Jasmine Minks Work For Nothing
1-10 The Pastels Something Going On
1-11 The Pastels Stay With Me Till Morning
1-12 The X-Men (5) Do The Ghost
1-13 The X-Men (5) Talk
1-14 Biff Bang Pow! There Must Be A Better Life
1-15 Biff Bang Pow! The Chocolate Elephant Man
1-16 The Jasmine Minks Where The Traffic Goes
1-17 The Jasmine Minks Mr Magic
1-18 The Loft Why Does The Rain
1-19 The Loft Like
1-20 The Loft Winter †
1-21 The Legend! The Legend! Destroys The Blues
1-22 The Legend! Arrogant Bastards
1-23 The X-Men (5) Bad Girl
1-24 The Pastels Million Tears
1-25 The Pastels Surprise Me
1-26 The Pastels Baby Honey
2-1 The Jesus And Mary Chain Upside Down
2-2 The Jesus And Mary Chain Vegetable Man
2-3 The Loft Up The Hill And Down The Slope
2-4 The Loft Your Door Shines Like Gold
2-5 The Loft Lonely Street
2-6 The Loft Time
2-7 The Bodines God Bless
2-8 The Bodines Paradise
2-9 Primal Scream All Fall Down
2-10 Primal Scream It Happens
2-11 The Jasmine Minks What’s Happening
2-12 The Jasmine Minks Black & Blue
2-13 Meat Whiplash Don’t Slip Up
2-14 Meat Whiplash Here It Comes
2-15 Five Go Down To The Sea? Singing In Braille
2-16 Five Go Down To The Sea? Aunt Nelly
2-17 Five Go Down To The Sea? Silk Brain Worm Women
2-18 The Moodists Justice And Money Too
2-19 The Moodists You’ve Got Your Story
2-20 The Moodists Take Us All Home
2-21 The Pastels I’m Alright With You
2-22 The Pastels Couldn’t Care Less
2-23 The Pastels What It’s Worth
2-24 Biff Bang Pow! Love And Hate †
2-25 The Weather Prophets Worm In My Brain †
3-1 The Laughing Apple Participate!
3-2 The Laughing Apple Wouldn’t You?
3-3 Revolving Paint Dream In The Afternoon (Early Version)
3-4 The Jasmine Minks The Thirty Second Set Up
3-5 The Jasmine Minks Somers Town
3-6 Biff Bang Pow! Fifty Years Of Fun (Almost Live Version)
3-7 Biff Bang Pow! Waterbomb!
3-8 J.C. Brouchard* With Biff Bang Pow! Someone Stole My Wheels
3-9 Biff Bang Pow! & J.C. Brouchard* Sunny Days
3-10 The Jesus And Mary Chain Upside Down (Demo Version)
3-11 The Jesus And Mary Chain Just Like Honey (Oct 84 Demo)
3-12 The Bodines God Bless (Alternative Version)
3-13 The Membranes I Am Fish Eye
3-14 The Membranes Gift Of Life
3-15 The Jasmine Minks Seven And Seven Is
3-16 The June Brides I Fall
3-17 The Legend! Arrogant Bastards
3-18 The Three Johns A.W.O.L.
3-19 The Loft Your Door Shines Like Gold
3-20 The Mekons Rock ’n’ Roll Shoes
3-21 The Legend! & His Swinging Soul Sisters Sweet Soul Music
3-22 The Jasmine Minks Green Fuz
3-23 Alternative TV Lonely Lenny
3-24 Television Personalities A Picture Of Dorian Gray (Live) †
3-25 Television Personalities The Dream Inspires (Live) †
3-26 Television Personalities Family Affair (Live) †
4-1 The Jasmine Minks All Fall Down *
4-2 The Jasmine Minks Work *
4-3 The Jasmine Minks Second Post *
4-4 The Legend! Boredom (Is) *
4-5 Meat Whiplash Losing Your Grip *
4-6 Meat Whiplash Always Sunday *
4-7 Meat Whiplash Walk Away *
4-8 The Legend! Victorian Values *
4-9 The X-Men (5) Home *
4-10 The X-Men (5) Planet Of The X *
4-11 The Moodists The Train From Kansas City *
4-12 The Moodists The Day They All Wake Up *
4-13 The Moodists I Guess I’m Dumb *
4-14 The Legend! Social Protest (By Numbers) *
4-15 The Jasmine Minks Mr Magic *
4-16 The Jasmine Minks Friends *
4-17 The Legend! Do You Remember *
4-18 Biff Bang Pow! Lost Your Dreams (Demo)
4-19 Biff Bang Pow! I’m Okay Me (Demo)
4-20 The Legend! Picture The Scene *
4-21 The X-Men (5) A Tryst For Liszt *
4-22 The X-Men (5) Stone Cold One Note Mind *
4-23 The Jasmine Minks Choice *
4-24 The Jasmine Minks Everybody’s Got To Grow Up Sometime *
5-1 The X-Men (5) The Witch (John Peel 13/9/1984)
5-2 The X-Men (5) Little Girl (John Peel 13/9/1984)
5-3 The X-Men (5) Xtramental (John Peel 13/9/1984)
5-4 The Loft On A Tuesday (Janice Long 9/12/1984)
5-5 The Loft Skeleton Staircase (Janice Long 9/12/1984)
5-6 The Loft The Canal And The Big Red Town (Janice Long 9/12/1984)
5-7 The Loft Lonely Street (Janice Long 9/12/1984)
5-8 The Moodists Other Man (John Peel 10/7/85)
5-9 The Moodists Bullet Train (John Peel 10/7/85)
5-10 The Moodists Take The Red Carpet Out Of Town (John Peel 10/7/85)
5-11 The Moodists Justice And Money Too (John Peel 10/7/85)
5-12 Meat Whiplash Loss (John Peel 28/10/1985)
5-13 Meat Whiplash Walk Away (John Peel 28/10/1985)
5-14 Meat Whiplash Eat Me To The Core (John Peel 28/10/1985)
5-15 Meat Whiplash She Comes Tomorrow (John Peel 28/10/1985)
5-16 The Bodines Scar Tissue (Janice Long 13/10/1985)
5-17 The Bodines Therese (Janice Long 13/10/1985)
5-18 The Bodines William Shatner (Janice Long 13/10/1985)
5-19 The Bodines The Back Door (Janice Long 13/10/1985)
5-20 The Loft Beware (Live) †
5-21 The Loft Wide Open Arms (Live) †
5-22 The Loft Worm In My Brain (Live) †
5-23 The Loft Up The Hill And Down The Slope (Live) †

Companies, etc.


Hardbound book packaging with the discs housed inside pages in the front (2) and rear (3). Contains lots of essays and photos.

NOTE: The mastering of CD2 is defective, with seven tracks emitting a piercing buzz-noise for a split second. Cherry Red repressed CD 2 in October 2015 correctly. This version could be obtained from them directly by contacting customer support.

* Previously unreleased
† Bonus track

1-23 is the b-side of CRE 013 "Spiral Girl" (not included here).

3-10 is originally from the white label 12" promo, slated for 12" release in 1985 (but this never materialized).

4-5 to 4-7 are the unreleased 2nd single.

4-18 & 4-19 originally from the A Tribute To Tricky Ricky compilation cassette, which also included 3-8 & 3-9, which there were attributed to Revolving Paint Dream - and 3-8 had an earlier title; however, 4-19 here is listed as previously unreleased, which isn't true, except neither track on that initial cassette seems to have been titled correctly, possibly causing confusion here.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 5013929101906