Various ‎– Crippled Children

Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM


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September 21, 2015

Street Cred check: I never lived with or knew anyone involved with the making or releasing of this record. Well, I did shake Abelcain's hand once and tell him how much I dig his music and I may or may not own a lock of Venetian Snares' hair. Does that count?

This record is one of the few that I can look back on and truly say that every track on it is a killer that has stood the test of time. It really epitomizes a lot of the different directions that breakcore ended up taking, in hindsight. You have the Anonymous track that represents the whole Addict/Distort style, the Bombardier track doing the heavily distorted punk breakcore style, Abelcain with his dark, clinically precise, headfuck style and Snares, as ever, with interesting samples and shapeshifting, odd time breaks.

Breakcore is pretty much on its last legs here in the Midwest USA, but it's releases like this that I look back on fondly and remember what an awesome ride it was. Ok, that's not entirely fair. Stagediver deserves props for still being in the game and seeking out and releasing little known Midwest artists on his Radiograffiti label.

But, at any rate, it's safe to say, at this point in the game, that the Crippled Children comp was a landmark and is essential listening if you want to hear how it was done before trackers gave way to dBlue Glitch and DAWs with unlimited RAM. Just check that Bombardier track and you'll see what I mean. Nothing fancy, just hard hitting beats and waves of glorious distortion.


December 21, 2004
edited over 13 years ago

It's funny how someone actually looked long and hard for this when mine was given to me like "Here - have this record!" and I was like "Cool - thanks!" and I still haven't listened to it. But I was a room-mate to label owner AND DJ Anonymous for a year and those be the perks folks. I really do not consider myself a fan of Midwest hardcore and could really take or leave the music on this comp, but I gots to represent, yo! All the artists are friends and acquaintances and they know my feelings of the music contained on it. I would have to say the shining moment on here for me is the Anonymous track. I was there for much of its inception and really enjoyed the humor in it. I will have to play mine once because by now I'm sure I'll have a greater respect for what I'm hearing. At the time however, I just wasn't feeling the "hardcore". I had that discussion with all Crippled Children/Distort/Addict personnel and they could respect that. I just happen to like cleaner, more dancable techno - preferably from about 1992/'93. Don't let me discourage you, though - If you want HARDCORE, this is it!


August 16, 2003

Four tracks courtesy of Anonymous, Abelcain, Bombardier and the ubiquitous Venetian Snares. Pick of the record is Up In The Sky by Anonymous which features Andy Kaufman talking high holy shit about Jerry The King Lawler. Hey Jerry, don't you think that bit where you take the strap down on your singlet and punch your opponent in the head is getting old?


February 14, 2003
Hehe, kind of suprised to this here. I'm the one who thought of the name. I used to be a roommate of the label owner. Good release i think. Concrete Dandylions is the best track, powerfull! If you can find this record, i suggest you buy it. PUNK!