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1 Popsimonova Speechless
2 Stormtrap Zikra
3 Bruch* All Hell Breaks Loose
4 Peter Hope & Charlie Collins Unconnected
5 Markantonija Strašan Film
6 Cipolla Varieté Az Ember, Aki Mindig Félt
7 Pasiune Oameni Tu Faci Coaja Pielea Mea
8 Soft Riot There Is Some Great Evil Out There (First Version)
9 2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella Of Human Bondage
10 Zorja Devojko Mari Hubava
11 Carrie Cult System-atic Hate
12 Schwarzer Kanal We Are Schwarzer Kanal
13 Colin Lloyd-Tucker Freedom
14 Lime Crush Honk Tonk
15 Cyborgs On Crack How To Use Machinery
16 Zukunftsstadt Encourage The Production Of More People
17 The Cyclist Conspiracy Virility (Demonstration Take)
18 Claudine Coule Small Piece Of Mind
19 I/II* Let's Call It A Day (Kurtiz Remix)
Remix – Kurtiz
20 Šumovi Protiv Valova Posjetitelj
21 On/a Jučer
22 Marinada Godina Palih Ptica
23 Jos Narg Wall Of Tears
24 Mutandini Karl Gravedigger
25 This Is The Bridge Take Control (Newsflash)
Remix – Iv/An


An international download compilation assembled to help the refugees in need, available at

Comes with a set of printable B2 visuals and advertisements for public and online interaction and support.

All the proceeds from downloads go directly to

Thank you everyone who contributed and made this compilation possible, be it music, information or otherwise;

Popsimonova, Stormtrap, Bruch, Peter Hope, Charlie Collins, Markantonija, Cipolla Varieté, Pasiune Oameni, Soft Riot, 2 Pigs Under 1 Umbrella, Zorja, Carrie Cult, Schwarzer Kanal, Colin Lloyd Tucker, Lime Crush, Zukunftsstadt, Cyborgs On Crack, The Cyclist Conspiracy, Claudine Coule, I/II, Kurtiz, Šumovi protiv valova, On/a, Marinada, Jos Narg, Mutandini Karl and This Is the Bridge

along with Almut and Renate @ happythankyoumoreplease.

Most of all, thank you, the listener - for sharing, listening and supporting.


Avoid the media sources that abuse and misuse information in order to cause mayhem. It may not be easy though, as there are traps to easily fall into by believing what's on the surface. Have an objective opinion, free of paranoia and unnecessary conspiracy theories.

Ball of confusion, that's what the world is today - and that's what the world will sadly be tomorrow.. and the day after.

But things have a habit of working out - as long as we try and make them.
releases 05 October 2015

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