Various ‎– Cultural Terror Volume One & Two - A Zeal SS Sampler

Zeal SS ‎– .77
2 × Cassette, Compilation, Sampler, C60


A1 ESP Kinetic The Message Is No Message 4:21
A2 Stasis (4) Blurrb 2:14
A3 Der Verboten* and Tabu (7) Untitled 3:01
A4 Ashenden Corrosion 2:00
A5 -* A Return To Hohta 2:08
A6 Con-Dom The Coming Of Christ 2:44
A7 Human Trapped Rhythms And To Z With Human Trapped Rhythms 4:42
A8 Pax Romana Songs Of The Distorted Mind 2:51
A9 The Grey Wolves No New Jerusalem 3:48
A10 The Unkommunity* Sense Of Unmaking 3:54
B1 Irritant The Disaster Area 4:00
B2 Ashenden Catamite 2:45
B3 Con-Dom Live Assault 1 & 4 3:15
B4 The Unkommunity* Dhol Chants 3:28
B5 La Otra Cara De Un Jardin* Brikolage 1:59
B6 White Hand 2nd Edition 3:03
B7 Do Easy Death In A Milan Square 3:30
B8 Ramleh And Irritant Tomorrow We Live 9:57
C1 C,llaaps Plenty Of Pricks 3:53
C2 Comando Bruno Clise Hermetico 2:10
C3 Bomb The Daynursery William Bennett... 5:04
C4 Face In The Crowd - New 7th Music Glider 2:25
C5 Adventures Of Twizzle Krafty Whank 2:34
C6 Con-Dom Calling All Aryans 2:04
C7 No Lie G.I. Sin Loi Victor Charlie 3:40
C8 Aspisis The Glory Of Punishment 1:10
C9 Apostles (6) and Mesh (13) Visions Of The End 2:45
C10 The Unkommunity* Ex-Oblivione 2:14
C11 The Grey Wolves And Con-Dom Intolerable 1:28
D1 Nails Ov Christ Beat Of The Blood 4:42
D2 Con-Dom Our Pleasure In The Pain 2:30
D3 Final Inheritance 4:15
D4 Opera For Infantry 20th Century Genocide 4:31
D5 Blacksirt Orch.* Ode To The Young Men 4:03
D6 Kapotte Muziek Gematria 1:01
D7 Nails Ov Christ Dark Night Of The Soul 2:50
D8 Final Execution Of The Will 6:22
D9 The Alternative* How Dare You 1:52


Generic HF60 Sony cassettes, type I, normal bias in TDK cases.
Full title of C3 is "William Bennett in the Sky with Diamonds"