Various ‎– Dancemania Presents 夏物語 2007 Supported By 9LoveJ

i-Dance ‎– TOCP-64343
夏物語 – 2007
CD, Compilation, Partially Mixed
DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Compilation

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CD-1 Misa (2) 夏物語〜Summer Story〜 (Eurobeat Version)
Remix – Luigi Stanga
CD-2 Misa (2) イチニチ (Mark Farina & The Factory Team Remix)
Remix – The Factory Team*, Mark Farina (2)
CD-3 Maria Short Bambino (Perfect Pitch Project Edit)
Edited By – Perfect Pitch Project
CD-4 Miami Voice Cutie Honey (New Generation Remix)
Remix – New Generation (3)
CD-5 Me & My Dub-I-Dub (2007 Eurobeat Version)
Remix – Luigi Stanga
CD-6 Queen Regina Lucky Boy (9LoveJ Edit)
Edited By – 9LoveJ
CD-7 Maximum Power Go! Rocky Joe
CD-8 Mary Kiani 100% (Motiv 8 Remix)
Remix – Motiv 8
CD-9 Cappella U Turn Me On (Super Rave Remix)
Remix – DJ Boss (2), DJ Ken-Bow
CD-10 Pamela Gordon Cherry's On The Beach
CD-11 Basic Element Touch (Extended Version)
CD-12 Fadeinn She Blinded Me With Science
CD-13 Toledo Sombrero El Sonido Del Diablo
CD-14 Right On Time If The Rain Falls (Red Monster Hyper Mix)
Remix – Red Monster
CD-15 Bang* Shooting Star
CD-16 DJ Enzo.CH Independence (Mike Nero Mix)
Remix – Mike Nero
CD-17 DJ Joker Project Nasca Grand Shake (Nasca Joker's World Mix)
CD-18 Stealth (8) Hoppy
CD-19 Eddy Wata La Bomba (Hi-End Attack Mix)
Remix – Hi-End Attack
CD-20 Hypersonic (2) Zuma
CD-21 Shove vs. Barak Super Marihuano Bross (Teen Sluts Remix)
Remix – Teen Sluts
CD-22 Dynamic Featuring Eskimo (3) Time To Get Serious
CD-23 Skazi Acelera (Void Remix)
Remix – Void (2)
CD-24 美らパラ推進委員会 パラビスカス
CD-25 吉宗サウンドトラック* そこにあるかも知れない…
CD-26 Manuel (2) No Control
CD-27 Laurie P.S. I Love You
CD-28 Mark Foster (2) Kong
CD-29 Melissa (6) Fantasy (9LoveJ Edit)
Edited By – 9LoveJ
CD-30 John Desire Chemical Love (9LoveJ Edit)
Edited By – 9LoveJ
CD-31 鮎川りな Feat. DJよっしー* パラ・ホリ (ParaPara Holic)
Producer – Honmax, TyphoonKaz
All Japan Circle Introduction
DVD-1 吉宗サウンドトラック* そこにあるかも知れない…
DVD-2 Miami Voice Cutie Honey
DVD-3 Melissa (6) Fantasy
DVD-4 Maria Short Bambino
DVD-5 Maximum Power Go! Rocky Joe
DVD-6 Laurie P.S. I Love You
DVD-7 Queen Regina Lucky Boy
DVD-8 John Desire Chemical Love
DVD-9 鮎川りな Feat. DJよっしー* パラ・ホリ (ParaPara Holic)
DVD-10 Pamela Gordon Cherry's On The Beach
DVD-11 Mary Kiani 100% (Motiv 8 Remix)
DVD-12 Toledo Sombrero El Sonido Del Diablo
ParaPara Circle Championship
DVD-13 美らパラ推進委員会 パラビスカス
9LoveJ PARAPARA Koushukai
DVD-14 Misa (2) 夏物語〜Summer Story〜 (Eurobeat Version)

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The ParaPara Championship featured songs from this CD, Dancemania Happy Paradise 2 and Dancemania Presents J*Paradise
Track 1: Natsu Monogatari
Track 2: Ichi Nichi
Track 24: Parabiscus
Track 25: Soko ni Aru Kamoshirenai...
Track 31: Para Holi/Hori

Special Thanks: Mitsugu Matsumoto, Yoshihiro Yamada (Super Loose), Red Joker Asakura, TyphoonKAZ & Honmax, Kozy Ohno (Studio Cueve), Shingo Abe, Kentoku Noji, Shigenori Horie, DJ Ryo (HI-BPM), DJ Tokiya (HI-BPM), Ryuji Kikuchi (Ryugujo), DJ T@keto (Harem Beat), DJ Tomoyan (PPF), Makoto Tanimura, DJ Nao (Loco), Masami Okamoto, Naoto Matsuo, Eitaro Kudo, Avex Entertainment Inc, FARM Records, Quake Holdings Inc, Spice Production, Warner Music Japan Inc, Universal Music K.K., Daito Giken Inc, Hearty Inc., Amuse Inc.



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February 7, 2008

This CD brought the hottest and most diverse compilation of tracks to my ears for the year 2007. When I ordered this CD, I had some very vague idea of what was in store for me. Being that this IS a Dancemania release, I was in for a great hour of amazing music. That's pretty much a given that goes along with any Dancemania release but other than that, there were only a few tracks that I was already familiar with on this disc (Dub-I-Dub, FANTASY, Shooting Star, and Hoppy) so I really was taking a risk on buying this disc. At the time of release, I was listening to HosTrance which is an OK release but it has a lot of overlapping loud yelling that really kills the music. I was a little skeptical.

Now when I finally get to take a listen to this bad boy, it starts out as I expected. A new school eurobeat compilation. Although, when you get to track 08 prepare to flashback! We're taking a trip back to the early 90's Dance scene. The vibe continues until track 12 which is a Hard Rave style cover of an 80's tune. From there, the style slowly progresses into Eurodance and then comes the big catch...Some of the world's finest new trance. The mix of these styles was so clean, so smooth that I actually forgot this WAS a Eurobeat CD. I actually said to myself around track 13 "Where did the eurobeat go?".

I'd have to say that every track so far has been special and I don't hate any of them. When I got to Grand Shake, I could tell that this is the CD's best selling point. I haven't heard such a melodic and epic trance track in a long time. This instantly became my favorite trance tune. It really brings the album together. This is the first Dancemania release the song appears on. Please avoid listening to it on HosTrance 2. The song gets drowned out by many Japanese men yelling things.

Continuing the ever-changing genre rollercoaster, the compilation heads toward Club music with THE best song to carry the Super Mario sound effect gimmick. Followed up by a similar song that totes Street Fighter sound effects. Then, we can tell this ride is nearing the terminal as we are brought back to Eurobeat.

I would recommend this album to fans of ALL electronic genres. If you tend to favor Trance over eurobeat, this CD is not for you. This is for those who appreciate every genre equally. Chalk up another smash to the Dancemania collection.