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1 Magic Moments At Twilight Time Blitzkrieg
2 The Charles (3) Boiler
3 Christ ! Italian Pickle Farming
4 Gypsy (24) Blavatsky Dance
5 Toshiyuki Hiraoka T (Track 1)
6 Solanaceae Tau Everything Is Bleeding
7 Unpleasant Surprise Rear Window
8 X Ray Pop* DS
9 Political Asylum System Of War (Live, Mono Recording)
10 The Folkoffs Coffee Loves Jig
11 Kevyn Dymond Too Drunk Too Land, Over
12 Paradox (54) The Yukki Dance (Live)
13 The Drum Fondu No Singer
14 L'Edarps A Moth Und Dann Reib' Ich Mich Zart
15 Blue Velvet (12) Falling Star
16 Siegmar Fricke Simon Cohen
17 Don Campau No One Knows
18 Who Moved The Ground? Freshness And Taste
19 Sons Of Selina Anxiety
20 Axemaster / The Awakening (6) Black Dungeons
21 Das Freie Orchester Ain't That A Tear (Live)
22 Wobble Jaggle Jiggle Thoughts Of The Sky
23 Flowers Of Romance Kashmir
24 Ir Visa Tai, Kas Yra Gražu, Yra Gražu Sunparkis
25 Maeror Tri Suavitas
26 Opera Multi Steel Tant Royale Est Sa Lumière
27 Maeror Tri The Administrator
28 Those Who Survived The Plague Big Crime 89
29 The Thamesmead Rollers Too Old To Rock
30 Almost Human (2) Style
31 Stormclouds Nightmares In The Sky
32 The Calculus Affair If You're Going To San Francisco (Be Sure To Take Some Acid On Your Skateboard)
33 Cerise Eclipse The Magnificent Bubble Machine
34 The Land Of Guilt And Blarney Club Deefo
35 Idle State Reed And The Kongawave
36 Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.? Where 2.1
37 Girls On Dextrose The Image Fades
38 Eric Hausmann A Total Nothiness
39 Histatic Charge Too Many Cats In The Kitchen
40 The Conspiracy (2) Blue Angel Agenda
41 L.G. Mair Jr* Return To The Vortex
42 The Flowers Of Sacrifice Asylum
43 Sosumi Dr. Sosumi
44 The Invisible Band (2) That One
45 Jaws Of The Flying Carpet Indigenous Horsedance
46 The Original Mind Band* Sunset Over Zuma
47 Schmertz Der Welten Das Einzige Was Mich An Den Siebzigern Gestört Hat
48 Zartipo Live Improvisation On Belarusian TV (Minsk 1991)
49 Internal Autonomy Poor Little Rich Girls
50 The Evasion On Stake Waiting
51 Mana Erg Another
52 Animal Factory (4) Heavy Shopping
53 Twister (31) Bloodrush
54 Qubais Reed Ghazala* The Delphian Oracle
55 Halo Svevo In The Night And Away From Home
56 Cristian Vogel Wooden Fleet
57 Alex Schiavi Lasciate Ogni Speranza
58 Cheapo Card Company Rusty Machine
59 Communication Union American Night
60 Alien Planetscapes Gravel
61 The Rorschach Garden Dangerous Strangers
62 Barra Gnosis
63 Trespassers W Carmen Miranda
64 Burning Dollhouse Silver
65 Dave Munkhoff* Blue Ridge
66 Kava Kava Feek
67 Venus Fly Trap Pulp Sister
68 Sigis Bruder What Is Left?
69 Siela Salvadoro Dali
70 Sweet William These Monologues
71 Revenge Of Nephtys Trace To My Room
72 Doctor Brown* Summerday Blues
73 Trelkovsky The World According To Bensenshaver
74 Space Invaders (11) Lepa Vida
75 Religious Overdose (2) Pictures And Colours
76 Scrooge (3) Earthfake
77 Barking Dogma Ants
78 Hal McGee Hal B-12 (Side B, 2nd Segment)
79 Titania Moon Slipstream
80 M. Nomized* Ta Maison
81 Sanity Assassins Lack Of Trust
82 Robin O'Brien L.O.V.E. Love
83 Equinox Revolution Obsession
84 Dark Side Cowboys Missing
85 Die Traktor Party Pals
86 Moonpump Straightforwards
87 Cynde Gehman I'm So Glad
88 Al.x Shroom
89 Blade (18) Twisted Religion (Harley James Remix)
Remix – Harley James
90 Daniele Brusaschetto Schiavo
91 Oberon (2) Lily White
92 The Rabbit's Hat Menage A Trois
93 Terri B* Ephemeral Fire
94 Mr. Quimby's Beard* Within The Mind (Part 2)
95 Endymion (6) My Darkness
96 Mugwump (2) Paris
97 Jelicons Come With Me
98 Zerobranco Irremovibile Mirata
99 Acidfuck Sex And Drugs And Acidfuck
100 The Now (13) Atom
101 This Elegant Chaos Your World
102 Doug Michael And The Outer Darkness Muzzle
103 Klangwart Inkiek
104 Mother Goose (2) Star Wars
105 Judge Trev's Inner City Unit* Battle Of The Trees
106 Sleepy People Soporific Life
107 Pseudo Sun Signs Of Life
108 Gurus Of The New Millennium In Our Time
109 Star Period Star Climb
110 Pornorphans Innocent
111 Unlimbo Bagdub
112 Mr. Ebu Hypnose
113 Altair Tal Como Lo Oyes
114 Edition Grundmann-Neubert Krüppelkrieg
115 The Bionics (3) Pigafetta Says
116 Mimetic Field* Overture (The 1812) Thema: Carmina
117 Body Full Of Stars We're All Americans Now
118 Artemiy Artemiev The Last Waltz
119 Grover (8) Dirtboy 1 - Oil/Acrylic
120 Gothica The Cliff Of Suicide
121 Ed (47) Planet Shift
122 Exprimental DK5-X
123 Silverspoon Open
124 Krankheit Der Jugend Die Unsterblichen
125 Captain's Log This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us
126 Sirenée (2) Über Die Verführung Von Engeln
127 Sister Sinister (2) Gazer
128 Werk (2) My Eyes
129 The Pajama Slave Dancers* Defreeze Walt Disney
130 The Tutsis Snake Dance
131.a Vocabularinist .....??
131.b Vocabularinist Seasick Spirit
131.c Vocabularinist How To Rub Up A Chubby
132 Karda Estra Transference
133 Delphium Heaven And A Hope Eternal
134 The Purple Better One Probably Jazz
135 Deathsquad (2) Error 404
136 Garfield's Birthday* Peepshow
137 Alex Hayes & Blaine Jones Limitless And Free
138 Shay (11) The Red Earth
139 The L.J. Karma Roadshow Paranoid Thought Record
140 Dopefinger Earth Chant
141 Pope John Paul The Third* Give Me An Art Grant
142 Glass (24) Animosity
143 Dave-id Busaras & Toshiyuki Hiraoka She's The One For You
144 ADAmor Outback Psychogenic
145 Mr. Bollinger* This Is The Future
146 Moontan (2) Chamber Pot
147 Levente (2) Lem-Solaris (Apparitions-The Ocean)

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Track 25 was misnamed as 'Doc Wör Mirran - Suavitas' in the PDF and the MP3 tagged accordingly.