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Side 1
1 Elizabeth I (1533-1603): At Her Coronation/Armada Year.
2 Sea Lords: Drake, Howard, Frobisher At A Council Of War.
3 Guy Fawkes: (1570-1606) Caught Red-Handed.
Side 2
1 Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519).
2 King Richard III (1452-1485).
3 King Henry VII (1457-1509).
4 William Shakespeare (1564-1616).
5 A Compendium Of Characters.

Companies, etc.



'Discovery' was a fortnightly Marshall Cavendish produced partwork magazine series started in the late 1980s with many interactive and dynamic elements aimed at bringing history to life for children; this cassette was supplied with the first issue, 1: Elizabeth I / Armada.

Case: Clear plastic front / Black two-bladed rear

J-Card Sleeve

Front: "Discovery Flashback - Listen To The Sounds Of The Past - Free With Pack 1"
Spine: "Discovery - Not For Sale Separately" - Dolby & Marshall Cavendish logos.

White cassette with black printed text.

Title: "Discovery Flashback - Sounds Of The Past"

Track titles & information printed upon shell with 'Dolby System' logo.

Engineer André Jacquemin's name is incorrectly credited as "Andréa Jacquemin" upon the cassette, it is correct upon the sleeve.

Production by Joa Productions, 33 Ainger Road, London NW3.
Made in England by James Yorke Ltd

(c) Marshall Cavendish 1987, 1988


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July 12, 2015

The first and one of a number of cassettes released as part of the 'Discovery' magazine series this is an engaging little story that I owned as a child and still vividly remember huges swathes of dialogue from almost thirty years down the line after coming across a copy in a charity shop, priced at the princely sum of fifty new English pence. Good production/voice acting, a spiffy white cassette, it's a little short and by no means the best the series had to offer (that would be 'The Dragon's Mirror' in my opinion) but deffo worth a listen.