Various ‎– Drawn A Blank

No Breaks Records ‎– NBR-037
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Potboiler Untitled 2:24
A2 Benard (2) Medieval Knievel 2:39
A3 Worn In Red Vital Joys 5:43
A4 Rock Paper Stupid Flat Earth Society 1:29
A5 Los Di Maggio's Monkey's On The Street 2:03
A6 Teenage Gluesniffers Emy's Song 1:40
A7 The Max Levine Ensemble Aren't All Songs Political? Aren't All Songs Vaguely Self Referential? 1:30
A8 Full Of Fancy Lads In Training 2:15
A9 Holy Shit! We're Going Out And It Sucks 0:49
A10 Turd Hungry Christ One And All 1:21
A11 Revolutionary Youth Tears 3:25
A12 The Jizz Kids Welcome To The 010 2:17
A13 The Guts Count To 10 2:05
A14 The Prozacs The Jam 2:50
A15 Al Scorch Want One 1:10
A16 2009 It's A Nice Night 1:21
A17 Wrister Nanners 2:38
A18 The North Trolls Cheap Drugs 2:05
A19 Sass Dragons Can't Help It 2:05
A20 Peter Stubb Blinded By The Trend 2:26
A21 Giant Bags Of Weed Here's To It 1:25
A22 Wrister Feed The Kids Shit 2:42
B1 Que' Mart? Trenton 3:38
B2 Rock Paper Stupid Howlin' At The Night 1:59
B3 Wide Angles Shitstorm 2:10
B4 It Good Sure Enough 2:46
B5 New Creases New Creases 3:26
B6 New Creases Come Around 2:13
B7 The Reaction (6) House On The Hill 2:33
B8 White Night So Long 1:29
B9 Jonesin' Nothin' At All 2:04
B10 Ergquist Song Against Ian Raymond 2:25
B11 Full Of Fancy Trophy 1:46
B12 White Night Bathroom Window 2:36
B13 The Max Levine Ensemble Ghost Song 1:27
B14 2009 Nine Lives 1:27
B15 Wide Angles Boxcutter 1:24
B16 Dethwarrant Predator One Is Way Better Than Predator Two 1:36
B17 Cheeky (6) So Bored 1:21
B18 Tenement Blast Exhaust 1:30
B19 Savant (7) Mount Detritus 2:23
B20 Bad Mammals Martyrs 2:28
B21 Shang-A-Lang Waiting For The End 1:48
B22 Fat Stupids Weirdo 1:04
B23 Sass Dragons Sleeptalking 1:34
B24 Campaign (2) Keep Walking 2:25


Cassette packaged with zine. Limited to 100 copies.