Various ‎– Drive-Thru Records And Bands You Love, Have Heard Of, And Should Know

Drive-Thru Records ‎– DTR#53, Drive-Thru Records ‎– 06076-83624-2
2 × CD, Compilation, Enhanced


1-1 The Format (2) The The Rope 3:19
1-2 Houston Calls Exit, Emergency 3:20
1-3 The Early November Sesame Smeshame 4:15
1-4 The Juliana Theory Can't Suspend It 3:58
1-5 Echo Screen Rushmore 4:12
1-6 Fallout Boy* Saturday 3:37
1-7 Day At The Fair* The Blame Anxiety 3:11
1-8 Halifax (2) Sydney 3:12
1-9 The Hanks Once Again 3:18
1-10 Sleep Station Caroline. London 1940 2:46
1-11 Say Anything Woe 3:56
1-12 The Track Record Talk Radio 3:39
1-13 The Goodbye Celebration Can't Break What's Already Broken 3:08
1-14 Abbott Hayes 3 Months 2:56
1-MP3-1 Madison (14) Drink It, Don't Think It 3:05
1-MP3-2 Rory (5) Deja Vrooom 3:58
1-MP3-3 Socratic Funeral Masses For William Jennings: Viewing Hours (4-6) 4:04
1-MP3-4 Midtown Empty Like The Ocean 4:28
1-MP3-5 Name Taken Cover Up 3:25
1-MP3-6 Small Towns Burn A Little Slower Wait For Me, Abby Bernstein 3:46
1-MP3-7 Home Grown (2) Cross My Heart 3:15
1-MP3-8 An Angle Today I Saw Your Face 3:23
1-MP3-9 Anadivine Alcohol And Oxygen 4:05
1-MP3-10 Nicollen A Wish Without Words 4:38
1-MP3-11 Strike Fire Fall Smell Of Smoke 3:37
1-MP3-12 Jenoah Coughing Up Blood 3:24
1-MP3-13 A Second Chance You Tell A Tale 4:16
1-MP3-14 Adelphi (2) Midnight Scene 3:34
1-MP3-15 I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business The Best Happiness Money Can Buy 1:47
1-MP3-16 Addison (3) What Could Have Been 3:09
1-MP3-17 Mashliln* The Shore 3:18
1-MP3-18 Codie Believe 3:11
1-MP3-19 The Years Gone By Eyes For Liars 3:15
1-MP3-20 Elite Stranger Apologies Are Overrated 3:11
1-MP3-21 My Getaway Under Your Sheets 3:32
1-MP3-22 Burning Rosewood Quiet 4:51
1-MP3-23 Evermore (2) Poison Lips 4:18
1-MP3-24 The Consequence Drive To Recovery 3:37
1-MP3-25 The Academy Is* Check Marks 3:00
1-MP3-26 Daphne Loves Derby Closing Down The Pattern Department 4:04
1-MP3-27 Calico Drive Three Remain 4:18
1-MP3-28 Gym Class Heroes Taxi Driver 2:00
1-MP3-29 Reubens Accomplice It Is What It Is 3:11
1-MP3-30 Stars Hide Fire Transmission 3:25
1-MP3-31 Furthest Drive Home Future Full Of Jive 5:14
1-MP3-32 The Goodwill Live From The Red Carpet 3:09
1-MP3-33 Halfwayhome Architect Of My Demise 3:40
1-MP3-34 Nural The Curse 3:21
1-MP3-35 State Unfair Cult Classic 3:47
1-MP3-36 Best Of Enemies By The Way 3:34
1-MP3-37 No Easy Answer Oxygen Intoxicant 4:18
1-MP3-38 Normal Like You Can I Live 3:43
1-MP3-39 First On Mars Shoreline 2:42
1-MP3-40 Waking Ashland I Am For You (Don't Give Up Now) 3:34
1-MP3-41 Hyperbole Doodles 3:13
1-MP3-42 On My Signal Words Lost To White Noise 3:23
1-MP3-43 Distance From Afar At Least I Know You're Safe 2:50
1-MP3-44 Overise Outside 3:43
1-MP3-45 Three Weeks Yesterday Never Changing Past 3:17
1-MP3-46 The Early Rising Highway Nightmares 2:46
1-MP3-47 Pensive The 3rd Of July 3:35
1-MP3-48 Wasted On Envy A Lovely Game Of Cards 2:37
1-MP3-49 These Green Eyes Self Inflicted 3:39
1-MP3-50 Down For The Count The Power Of Words 2:50
1-MP3-51 The Lifestyle Frontier Medicine 2:55
1-MP3-52 X's For Eyes I Thought We Were Past All That 4:30
1-MP3-53 Elseworth Wake 6:25
1-MP3-54 Dexter Danger Alta Mesa Drive 4:15
1-MP3-55 Big City Dreams I Wish There Were 5 Seasons 3:57
1-MP3-56 Patent Pending Los Angeles 3:52
1-MP3-57 Almost Tomorrow Dear Them 3:32
1-MP3-58 The Plus Nomination The Long Sea 2:40
2-1 Hellogoodbye Homewrecker 2:40
2-2 Firescape His Midas Touch 2:57
2-3 Hidden In Plain View Ashes, Ashes 2:40
2-4 Park (6) Nice Night For A Fist Fight 3:55
2-5 Jack's Mannequin Kill The Messenger 3:24
2-6 Steel Train Better Love 3:46
2-7 Self Against City Speechless 3:36
2-8 Matchbook Romance My Eyes Burn 4:20
2-9 Never Heard Of It Let's Go All The Way 2:55
2-10 For Felix Too Sad For Hollywood 4:12
2-11 Madelyn (2) Kensington Parc 4:40
2-MP3-1 The Goodyear That's What I Was Thinking 3:34
2-MP3-2 Aspen It Is Someone Has An AK 4:13
2-MP3-3 David Melillo* Wait For It 3:33
2-MP3-4 Stimulus (10) Last Will & Testament 3:16
2-MP3-5 Tourmaline Blank 2:49
2-MP3-6 The Secret Handshake The Glitch 3:09
2-MP3-7 The Maple State You Can't Put Two Hotels On Mayfair 3:41
2-MP3-8 Automora You Should Move Like I Do 3:50
2-MP3-9 The Drive Back My Ambulance 3:51
2-MP3-10 Sherwood (5) Please Wait Up For Me 3:25
2-MP3-11 American Ave American Ave 2:29
2-MP3-12 Abagnale Clash 3:38
2-MP3-13 This Day & Age Second Place Victory 3:54
2-MP3-14 Awake And Dreaming The Common Cold Shoulder 3:56
2-MP3-15 Interference (14) 75 Dpi 4:23
2-MP3-16 Paulson A Great Pretending 4:08
2-MP3-17 Grandview Better Off 2:07
2-MP3-18 This Providence To Kill This 3:40
2-MP3-19 A Sense Of Belonging I'm Not Your Sweetheart 4:00
2-MP3-20 My Lost Cause Renaissance 3:50
2-MP3-21 The Prize Fight The Trainwreck 4:01
2-MP3-22 The Station Blues Left Behind 4:38
2-MP3-23 Preston (7) Chinese Checkers 3:39
2-MP3-24 Bleed The Dream Broken Wings 4:18
2-MP3-25 Wester Martyrs If We're Lucky 4:19
2-MP3-26 American Diary Too Long To Wait 2:47
2-MP3-27 Asteria You Could Be My Mona Lisa 4:06
2-MP3-28 Kicking Howard Distance Vs. Melody 3:59
2-MP3-29 Underscore (4) Distance Makes The Heart Grow Wings 3:18
2-MP3-30 Ice Nine (6) Build A Bridge And Jump Off Of It 4:03
2-MP3-31 John Connor (5) Dancing May Occur 3:27
2-MP3-32 Ashbury (2) A You/Me Story 4:19
2-MP3-33 Echo Freddy Another Goodbye 3:11
2-MP3-34 What Truth Is It Blooms 3:39
2-MP3-35 Punos You Win (You Always Do) 3:23
2-MP3-36 The Semester Everything's A Miracle 3:59
2-MP3-37 Tripside Say Goodbye 3:31
2-MP3-38 Motionless (3) The Unfolding Story 3:02
2-MP3-39 Mourning September Glorietta 3:31
2-MP3-40 Lakeside (3) Note To Self 2:58
2-MP3-41 The High Life (2) Down For The Count 3:16
2-MP3-42 Monday Mourning Salvation's Gone South 4:11
2-MP3-43 Closed At Sunset The Fever 3:21
2-MP3-44 Best Interest Magic Sticks In December 4:02
2-MP3-45 Fairwell Madison One, Two Parachutes 3:54
2-MP3-46 Bel Air Academy Waking Up 3:16
2-MP3-47 All Time Low Hit The Lights 3:35
2-MP3-48 The Fall Of Autumn The Trees Are Dancing, Why Aren't We? 4:45
2-MP3-49 Gibbler When I Look Into Your Eyes 3:25
2-MP3-50 Summer Hero An Empty Seat 3:59
2-MP3-51 Down In The Park Plan A Murder 3:37
2-MP3-52 Parker Theory Leap Year 3:40
2-MP3-53 Wings Of Azrael Ceramic 3:47
2-MP3-54 Someday Never It Broke The Boy's Back 4:26
2-MP3-55 Act As If Decibels 4:45
2-MP3-56 Mikoto Days Run Long 2:58
2-MP3-57 The Bank Robbers The Way Things Fade 2:54
2-MP3-58 Team Hate Nelson Mrs. Beautiful 2:58
2-MP3-59 My Former Self I'll Be Careful, You'll Be Dead 3:17
2-MP3-60 Nicotine (3) Prejudice 3:30
2-MP3-61 Lost In Line I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning 3:43
2-MP3-62 The Outcome You Belong In A Wheelchair 3:47

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Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 06076836242
  • Barcode (Text): 0 60768 36242 0
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1): L383
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI6100
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): 1189 060768362421 E50111-09 M
  • Mastering SID Code (Disc 2): L383
  • Mould SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI6100
  • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): 1189 060768362422 E50111-10M