Various ‎– Durchbruch Hitz Vol.1

Durchbruch-Tapes ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, C60


Brana A
A1 The Brains Of Humans People(On The Wrong Side)
A2 The Brains Of Humans Riot In South Africa
A3 Curadox Lied Der Chöre
A4 Curadox Riot Squad
A5 Curadox Hör Auf Zu Labern
A6 Die Schlaffen Affen Revolverheld
A7 Die Schlaffen Affen Hochseefischerei
A8 H.O.A.* Amok Bei Aldi
A9 H.O.A.* Petra W.(Aus D.)
A10 H.O.A.* Keine Gnade
A11 Scream Of Saigon Remembrances
A12 Scream Of Saigon My Favourite Drug
A13 Einheit 731 (2) 12 Vor 9
Brana B
B1 Leuzemia* Un Lugar
B2 Leuzemia* Crisis En La Gran Ciudad
B3 Leuzemia* Rock Para Intelectuales
B4 Ultimus* Nag Nag Nag
B5 Ultimus* Leben
B6 Brigade Fozzy Macht
B7 Brigade Fozzy Warum Nicht?
B8 F.F.F. Manfred
B9 F.F.F. No Pasaran
B10 D.B.F. Straight Edge
B11 D.B.F. Church
B12 Dioxins (Das Auto)Der Deutschen Liebstes Kind
B13 Dioxins Heavy Metal Bastards
B14 Dioxins Graveyard


Comes with 2 two sided A4 sheets with infos,addresses and some of the lyrix.
A5 incompletely listed as "Hör Auf Zu La",complete title is listed on insert.
Einheit 731 wrongly listed as Einheit 73 for some weird reason.
My copy says "Sampler 14" but looking at the label's releases this must be my copy nr.