Various ‎– Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer Volume II: Recurrence



Disc 1: Shock 1:18:05
Tenek A World Of No Relief 4:49
Deathline Int'l* Inside 5:23
Cancerface Tumor Curbjob 3:53
Panic Lift* Footsteps 4:47
The Gothsicles Who Wants To Join Our Super Hero Team? (Right Now, It's Just Me & Jim) 3:24
Inertia (4) Deworld (New Day Mix) 4:16
Santa Hates You Pack Your Bags Honey, We're Going To Hell! (Road Trip Remix) 4:19
The Azoic Corruption (Remix By Encoder) 4:54
Rein[Forced] Burnt 5:41
Deathproof Bitcrush 2:59
Cyferdyne Nova 4:56
Null Device Through Closing Eyes 4:12
Sonik Foundry Relapse 4:14
Left Spine Down Stolen Car (B&E Mix) 4:08
Detroit Diesel (2) Under Fire 4:20
In Strict Confidence Bitter Truth 4:31
Edge Of Dawn Lucid Dreams (Standeg Remix) 4:51
Constance Rudert The Harbour Song 2:29
Disc 2: Denial 1:19:30
Wreckcreation Featuring Dan Clark No Regrets 3:49
Project Pitchfork Lament (Electronic Saviors Remix) 6:09
Solitary Experiments Immortal (Icon Of Coil Mix By Sebastian Komor) 4:57
Hypefactor Descriptive 5:05
UberByte Featuring Jimmy Semtex* Phantasm 4:22
Mindless Faith Tragedy 4:53
Soil & Eclipse The Will (Survival Mix) 5:15
Suicide Commando The Perils Of Indifference (Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket Remix) 5:01
Lowe Mirage (Saviors Mix) 5:50
Cylix I Don't Exist 4:14
I:Scintilla Swimmers Can Drown (Diabolic Art Mix) 5:55
Inure This Is The Life (Cryogen Second Mix) 4:08
Trakktor Hollow Spirits 3:55
23RAINYDAYS Monster (v2) 4:43
Accessory Voran (Der Teufel Im Spiegel Mix By Boole) 3:26
Twilight Laboratory Intention 4:04
Terrorfakt Marching Into Valhalla 3:44
Disc 3: Anger 1:19:45
System Syn God Damn (Imperative Reaction Remix) 3:58
Ad Inferna A. I. Dominion 4:44
Boole Walpurgisnacht 5:26
Ego Likeness Infidel 4:02
Binary Park World's Collide (Saviors Mix) 6:16
Die Sektor The Just Will Be Silenced 4:43
Stiff Valentine Suicide Execute 3:21
Head-Less Punish Your Head (Mental Discipline Remix) 5:17
The Ludovico Technique This Life (Lexincrypt Remix) 4:53
Psy'Aviah Sweet Hard Revenge (Fallon Nieves Rendition) 5:19
Aesthetic Perfection The Devil's In The Details (Sthilmann Remix) 5:07
Terminal Choice Fight The System (Rabia Sorda Mix) 5:07
Diverje Suffer This World (Centhron Remix) 5:36
am.psych My Enemy 4:24
The Rain Within The Other Side 3:23
UCNX The Innocent ($150 Remix By Idiot Stare) 3:45
Jon Zaremba Snakes, You Get Out Of Here! This Is Not Your Room, This Is My Room. Now, You Just Get 4:25
Disc 4: Bargaining 1:19:37
The Mighty Chouffe Always This Heart 3:23
Angels On Acid Satellite 4:45
Terrolokaust Thirsty (V2.0) 4:33
Ashbury Heights Decent Cancer 6:51
God Module The Great Commandment 4:51
Bella Morte Lost 4:04
Encoder (2) Shadows 4:39
Alter Der Ruine Ghosts (Swank Version) 4:31
Militant (5) Sabotage 1:54
Ghost & Writer Hurricane (Splitter Mix) 5:06
Ivardensphere Chasing The Dragon (Lost Tribe Version) 5:04
Spetsnaz Satiric Strokes 4:23
Decree Come And See 4:42
SD6 These Days (Single Mix) 4:39
Distorted Memory Hand Of God (Iszoloscope Remix) 4:02
Cryogen Second Thirty Eight (Feat. Sarah Chenoweth) 4:32
Trigger10d Puddlehopping (Alternate Mix By Todd Aeschliman) 5:08
Life Cried Another Sacrifice (Rejected) 2:32
Disc 5: Depression 1:19:35
Mesh (2) You'll Never Understand (Harder) 5:21
The Dark Clan Sick As Love 3:41
Caustic 1984 (Was A Very Bad Year) 4:38
16volt* Burn (Father Dub Mix) 4:06
Empusa Featuring Miss FD You 5:04
Everything Goes Cold King Of The Impossible (Signal Drums Mix By The Dark Clan) 4:37
Unit:187 Second Class Citizen (JFS Mix By Ken 'Hiwatt' Marshall) 5:47
Blutengel Where Will You Be? 3:55
AimOniA Surrender 4:46
Patricia Wake Featuring Dan Clark & Lane Ellen & John Verbos & Jolexx Your Love, My Medicine 4:35
EsperMachine Dying Life 5:29
Boxed Warning Paralyzed For Sleep 4:36
Reaxion Guerrilla Imperfextion Humana (Radio PerVersion) 3:48
Cesium_137* From Within (Xrayhead Mix) 5:05
Retrogramme Share The Cancer 5:44
N.T.T.* If This Body Should Fail Me 5:31
Necrotek Beyond Death 2:54
Disc 6: Acceptance 1:19:44
Covenant Featuring Necro Facility Lightbringer (Speedrun II) 4:28
Sensuous Enemy Re:Mission 4:35
Neuroactive Never Felt Better (Recovery Mix) 5:12
Nachtmahr (2) Can You Feel The Beat (Nitronoise Remix) 4:02
Ayria Featuring Jimmerz Semtex* & Jimmerz Cookas* Blue Alice (Jims Of The Flesh Mix) 4:08
Syrian Speed Of Light (T3chn0ph0b1a Remix) 4:03
Decoded Feedback Resilience 4:57
Obscenity Trial Über's Wasser Gehen ([:SITD:] Remix) 5:05
Xuberx Terrible Strength 3:48
Monody (2) In Between (Irradiated Mix) 3:19
Hocico Embraced By The Light 3:54
ThouShaltNot New Year (A Heartbeat From The End) 4:00
FGFC820 The Heart Of America (Dräcos Mix) 5:38
Interface (5) Inner Light (Feat. Liebchen) 5:35
Terror Firma Sky Music For Medicinal Purposes 4:19
Agnes Wired For Sound Silicone Sheets 4:46
Society Burning I Am The Man 4:16
DYM* Tumor 3:40