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2 × CD, Compilation


1-1 Elvis Presley News Cast And Interview
1-2 Roy Hall You Ruined My Blue Suede Shoes
1-3 Audrey (21) Dear Elvis Pt 1
1-4 Audrey (21) Dear Elvis Pt 2
1-5 Otto Bash The Elvis Blues
1-6 The Fabulous McClevertys Don't Blame It On Elvis
1-7 Stan Freberg Heartbreak Hotel
1-8 Lalo Guerrero Elvis Perez
1-9 Reed Harper And The Notes Oh Elvis
1-10 Virginia Lowe I'm In Love With Elvis Presley
1-11 Janis Martin (2) My Boy Elvis
1-12 Lou Monte Elvis Presley For President
1-13 Little Lambsie Penn I Wanna Spend Xmas With Elvis
1-14 Pete De Bree And The Wanderers Hey! Mr. Presley
1-15 Lee Tully Around The World With Elwood Pretzel Pt 1
1-16 Lee Tully Around The World With Elwood Pretzel Pt 2
1-17 The Holly Twins I Want Elvis For Christmas
1-18 Don Hart (3) Presley On Her Mind
1-19 Mad Martians Outer Space Looters Pt 1
1-20 Mad Martians Outer Space Looters Pt 2
1-21 Genee Harris Bye Bye Elvis
1-22 Mo Klein And The Sargents Alright Private
1-23 Bill Parsons All American Boy
1-24 Steve Schickel Leave My Sideburns Alone
1-25 The Bobolinks (2) I Wanna Be Elvis Presley's Sergeant
1-26 the Super-Star That All American Boy
1-27 The Greats Marching Elvis
2-1 The Threeteens Dear 53310761
2-2 Felton Jarvis Don't Knock Elvis
2-3 The Unknown (35) I Have Returned
2-4 Billy And Eddie The King Is Coming Back
2-5 The Sophisticates (6) When Elvis Comes Marching Home Again
2-6 Bill Parsons I'm Hanging Up My Rifle
2-7 the Valentines (10) The Sock
2-8 Jim Ford The Story Of Elvis Presley
2-9 Dodie Stevens Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight
2-10 Carmella Rosella Oh! It Was Elvis
2-11 Paul Randal I'm Lonesome For You
2-12 LaVern Baker Hey Memphis
2-13 Jo Ann Perry Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight
2-14 Billy Boyle My Baby's Crazy 'bout Elvis
2-15 P.Q. Rock N' Roll All About Elvis Pt 1
2-16 P.Q. Rock N' Roll All About Elvis Pt 2
2-17 Betty Riley The Saga Of Elvis Presley
2-18 Echo Chambers Elvis Say That You're Mine
2-19 Jerry Reed Tupelo Mississippi Flash
2-20 Gary Lewis & The Playboys I Saw Elvis Presley Last Night
2-21 The Teardrops (13) Goodnight Elvis
2-22 Carl Perkins The Elvis Presley Express
2-23 Sonny Cole And The Rhythm Roamers I Dreamed I Was Elvis
2-24 Johnny Wakelin Tennessee Hero
2-25 Louie Fontaine Elvis Is The King


"A Total Collection Of 52 Elvis Presley Novelty & Tribute Songs"