Various ‎– European Sound Delta

Erratum ‎– EM008
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1 Alejandra & Aeron Lorelei 9:32
2 Aymeric de Tapol U.V.F.T.A (Unknow Voices From The Air) 7:14
3 Brandon LaBelle Drunken Signifier 17:11
4 Carl Stone Monorom 6:43
5 Carl. Y* Rhein Rhein So Hard To Be A Fish 7:24
6 Chris Watson Via The Oceans To ; Liverpool, Berlin, Beirut And Accra 8:38
7 Christian Dergarabedian I Left My Heart In Brauhaus, Würzburg 6:28
8 Claudia Wegener Vucedol Song 5:50
9 Dinahbird Lovely Light Blue Lorette 5:04
10 Jean-Philippe Renoult Blowing With Ghosts 10:37
11 Francisco López Untitled 218 8:37
12 François Martig Querelles De Clochers 14:30
13 Frederik De Wilde MRKT - Consists Of Field Recordings Made In A Market In Budapest. 8:02
14 Frederik De Wilde PonTon - Consist Of Field Recordings Between Bratislava and Vienna 8:02
15 Frederik De Wilde Probe - Consists Of The Electronic ECS-Probe Interface Which Allows Us To Capture Radio Frequencies, Electric Currents And Other Parasite Signals In The Water 8:02
16 Gaël Segalen Slow Speed Of No Transition 17:00
17 Igor Stangliczky Danube_PK1170-PK1645 [BR38522B] Of ESD 15:54
18 Jérôme Dumais MICROFON497 6:22
19 Jodi Rose Love’s Pirate 8:26
20 Kassel Jaeger Layers = Flotsam 8:28
21 Motorway Bridget Anbau Disaster 4:59
22 Knut Aufermann Doh Ear 9:36
23 Ludger Hennig Spaces, Bridges & Situations Beyond 11:51
24 Spectral Investigation Collective, Aljosa Abrahamsberg, Ewen Chardronnet, Horia Cosmin Samoïla Dokument Schwechat 7.4 4:44
25 Spectral Investigation Collective, Aljosa Abrahamsberg, Ewen Chardronnet, Horia Cosmin Samoïla Nebeltronics 13:08
26 Joachim Montessuis Compost_Eu 10:10
27 Philip Griffits (WPMG) When I Met Diablo 4:33
28 Piotr Talmachou Angel Gabriel. Elektra Takes Him By The Hand 15:20
29 Robert Hampson Les Ondes 8:30
30 Rodolphe Alexis Svisthov Report 8:18
31 Kevin Logan Nord / Centraal / Midi 13:18
32 In Progress...#1 V2 5:40
33 Vincent Epplay Mixture Pour Les Plantes Des dieux «Version 2» 10:55
34 Maria Balabas* Les Sons Et Les Parfumes De Cette Fummee Rhine 13:12
36 Paul Panhuysen Hotch-Potch 12:09
37 Sillyconductor Wi Hout 7:38
38 Tanakan Walls 7:50
39 Phill Niblock Zound_Delta2 21:52


European Sound Delta is an travelling artistic residency that took place during summer 2008 : two boats simultaneously navigated upstream on the Rhine and Danube rivers from the North Sea and the Black Sea to finally meet in Strasbourg. On board and in each of the stopover cities, thirty international artists were invited to record their sound environment (field recordings, interviews, electromagnetic and sub-aquatic spheres...) and to use the shared sound materials to compose pieces and produce live concerts along the itinerary.
At the end of this trip, a floating listening lounge is unfolding as an Archipelago of creations : embarked on a specially fitted sightseeing boat (under the boat transparent ’bubble’ roof : a 3000 Watts and a quadriphonic sound system !), one will discover there the sound pieces created on board by the residents but also the imaginary audio landscapes from some ten guest composers. These seven cruises along the Strasbourg canals will each be punctuated by a live per- formance taking place in a different background each time. At the same time, on the «Nuits Electroniques de l’Ososphère»’ site, the Mirror Ball installation will display visual documentation of the two parallel journeys...
A long vibratory cruise of nearly 3 month, ESD is closing as a final resonance of the sonic and aquatic waves of Strasbourg : Ososphère upon Ill.
European Sound Delta boat trips were produced by MU-France, Rokolectiv-Roumanie, EU Spaces 21-Bulgarie, with EU culture.