Various ‎– Evidence: Poems and Stories by Filipino American Writers

Jeepney Dash Records ‎– JDR 001


1 Theo Gonzalves Forgiving
2 Eric Fructuoso Untitled for the Sake of Having a Title
3 Marianne Villanueva Excerpt from Bad Thing
4 Tony Robles A Real Coconut
5 Tony Robles Elbe, the True American
6 Dawn Mabalon Because it is Filipino American History Month
7 Jaime Jacinto Our Lady of Dinuguan
8 Oscar Peñaranda Exerpt from The Discovery
9 Annabelle Udo Black Raven
10 Annabelle Udo Cindi Bindi Brady
11 Al Robles In Watsonville
12 Catalina Cariaga Availability
13 Catalina Cariaga Dogmeat
14 Catalina Cariaga The Language



San Francisco's Bay Area literary work by Filipino Americans has deep roots. Poetry and storytelling stretches back generations ago when workers and students testified to their hardships and joys, victories as well as lost chances. These traditions helped to keep folks close when segregation was the law and access to dignity was in short supply. Though there have been many attempts, no amount of art we make in the present can erase the pain of the past. But the best writers do something more important. They remind us that art and culture can call the future into being. They help us to imagine ourselves beyond what we have been taught, what we know, or what we think we know. Our EVIDENCE is not proof; we have nothing to prove. EVIDENCE marks one evening when Filipino American writers of different generations shared their work without apology. The event was produced by CocoJam Productions, took place on October 10, 1999, at Bindlestiff Studio, and commemorated the release of poet Catalina Cariaga's Cultural Evidence. Special thanks to: Allan Manalo of tongue in A mood and Bindlestiff Studio, Joyce Juan Manalo of Teatro ng Tanan, Marie Romero of Arkipelago Books, and Catalina Cariaga.