Various ‎– Exploring Music 4

11 × Vinyl, LP
Box Set


A1 America
A2 The Shanty Boys In The Pine
A3 The Railroad Corral
A4 Where Is John?
A5 Yangtze Boatman's Chantey
A6 Hiking, Laughing, Singing
A7 We Sing Of Golden Mornings
B1 Cuckoo
B2 A La Nanita Nana
B3 Blow The Wind Southerly
B4 All Beautiful The March Of Days
B5 Lullaby
B6 The Blacksmith
B7 The Happy Plowman
C1 Cherries So Ripe
C2 Donkey Riding
C3 De Bezem
C4 Call John The Boatman
C5 Sponge Fishing
C6 Riding With the Cavalry
C7 El Burro De Villarino
D1 Pretty Little Pony
D2 Once
D3 Holla-Hi! Holla-Ho!
D4 Stodola Pumpa
D5 Swiss Roundelay
D6 Vreneli
D7 Echo Yodel
D8 Mon Merle
E1 Song Of Itsuki
E2 Koto And Tsuzumi
E3 A Good Day In Japan
E4 O Give Me A Cot
E5 Make New Friends
E6 Snug 'Neath The Fir Trees
E7 Serranilla
F1 As The Sun Goes Down
F2a LIttle Bells Of Westminister
F2b Little Bells Of Westminister
F3 The Bell Doth Toll
F4 French Cathedrals
F5 Mister Urlan
F6 The Butterfly
F7 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
F8 O Savior Sweet
G1 O Come, All Ye Faithful
G2 The Yodler's Carol
G3a Jesus The Christ Is Born
G3b Jesus The Christ Is Born
G4 Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mild
G5 Sing A Merry Noel
G6 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
G7 Cuckoo Carol
H1 Sir Eglamore
H2 The Wriggle-Taggle Gypsies
H3 Troubadour Song
H4 Follow Me
H5 Why Shouldn't My Goose?
H6 The Riddle Song
H7 Bound For The Rio Grande
H8 The Young Voyageur
I1 Sweet And Low
I2 Old Folks At Home
I3 Lovely Evening
I4 Polly Wolly Doodle
I5 Gladness
I6 Dakota Hymn
I7 The Galway Piper
J1 Little Fox
J2 It's Quiet On The Moon
J3 A Timely Rhyme
J4 Psalm 100
J5 Zum Gali Gali
J6 Banana Boat Loader's Song
J7 Old Texas
J8 Doney Gal
K1 Brethren In Peace Together
K2 This Train
K3 My Lord, What A Morning
K4 Windy Nights
K5 Beautiful Savior
K6 How Does My Lady's Garden Grow?
K7 Jasmine Blossoms
K8 Sing For The Wide, Wide Fields
L1 Marching To Pretoria
L2 Weggis Dance
L3 A New Created World
L4 Lo, The Winter Is Past
L5 White Coral Bells
L6 Lachend Summer
L7 My Day Carol
L8 Nightingale's Song
M1 The Crow
M2 Teh Wielewaal
M3 The Upward Trail
M4 An Clair De La Lune
M5 Waltzing Matilda
M6 San Sereni
M7 La Jesucita
N1 Weel May The Keel Row
N2 America For Me
N3 Laughing Song
N4 Storm
N5 Velvet Shoes
N6 Lines Written For Gene Kelly To Dance To
N7 Chanson Innocent
O1 Suite No. 3 In Da Major, Gavotte
O2 The Crested Hen
O3 Gustaf's Skoal
O4 Liebeslieder Waltzes, Opus 52 "Wie Des Abends Schöne Röte," "Die Grüne Hopfenranke"
P1 Trio In A Minor, Opus 114, Third Movement
P2 Hary Janos Suite, "Prelude," "Viennese Musical Clock," "The Battle And Defeat Of Napoleon"
Q1 Variation On "Sakura"
Q2 Violin Concerto In D Major, Opus 61, Third Movement
R1 Carillon, From L'Arlésienne Suite No. 1
R2 Danse
R3 Music For Instruments
R4 Virginia Reel
R5 String Quartet No. 10 In C Major, K.170, First Movement
S1 Pictures At An Exhibition
S2 Imitations For Two Instruments
S3 Ionisation (Excerpt)
T1 Syrinx
T2 Sonata In A Minor, K. 175
T3 Rondo No. 2 In G Major
T4 Piano Sonata In A Minor, K. 310
U1 Petrouchka Ballet Suite, Scene One ("The Shovetide Fair")
U2 The Pines Of The Janiculum, From The Pines Of Rome (Excerpt)
U3 The Cuckoo And The NIghtingale, From Organ Concerto No. 13 In F Major
V1 Six Pieces For Orchestra, Opus 6, Third Piece
V2 The Roberts
V3 Fugue And Three Old-Fashioined Dances From Octet