Various ‎– FUTURES Vol. 4

Inner Ocean Records ‎– INNER070
2 × Cassette, Compilation


Tape no. 1
A1 Dominic Pierce Island 2:35
A2 ANTI (32) Midnight Waves 2:33
A3 mycatisflying pulse 2:46
A4 Rushing Silver Didn't Expect That 3:00
A6 Y.F.N.D.D. Once And Never Once More 3:16
A7 Bunko Stew Gloomy Dew 3:19
A8 Leaf Beach Lemon 1:46
A9 EMERLD Keep Goin' 2:20
A10 PRGMAT Propose To My Drum Machine 2:57
A11 SADIVA Take It Home 2:34
A12 Dillema (2) Night.Wit.Yu 1:45
A13 Trophies 3:12
A14 Smeyeul. What You Want 2:45
B1 Yunnan Breathingfire 2:18
B2 Msnthrp Legend 1:25
B3 Beto (28) Paraiso 1:17
B4 Sen$ei Memories 1:36
B5 Daneel (4) Last Call 3:06
B6 ZOD1AC Indigo 2:26
B7 Born Sexy Bonnie 3:51
B8 BryZone_ybp Parcel 2:44
B9 Drchamploo Reflection 3:14
B10 Dark Mind Tribute [2006] 2:38
B11 Objektiv (2) Highlands 2:17
B12 RTIK By My Side 3:24
B13 Torin Bell Memories of Summer 3:15
B14 Konkiri Cephalopods 2:05
Tape no. 2
A1 Pehoz Lone 5:03
A2 Piffass Zora's Domain 3:07
A3 Postmark Pastelz 2:07
A4 Dupre (2) Memory Found 1:34
A5 (gsc) Park 1:33
A6 Card Houses Something Like Wut 2:10
A7 Jake and Bake Got Myself A Present 1:48
A8 Slyme Clouds[bump] 0:59
A9 Spliff Jackson Explorations 1:37
A10 ENTRO Late Night Ramen 2:24
A11 Mr. Stee Half Remembered 2:03
A12 Dr. Overflow Mines 2:51
A13 Tristano Please 1:14
A14 Mondriaan Blossom 1:40
A15 Medacin Lonely 1:17
A16 IndescribableINDY Knoidea 0:56
A17 ZeMauno NICE2MEETU 1:45
B1 Elginnnn Nouvelle Aquitaine 2:38
B2 Furozh Different Times 1:39
B3 Oxcyde Days Gone 2:10
B4 Bean Franklin C Section 3:14
B5 p.stmdrn Fleetngdreem 0:59
B6 Korey Wade Flip Da Scrip 2:02
B7 Drips Zacheer Ahead 1:33
B8 TrueHoustonEmcee Invocation 1:45
B9 A Brisk Breeze I Just Wanna Be Somebody 1:56
B10 Sifty Fent Shawshank [1994] 2:32
B11 Japannabis Timespace 1:31
B12 Michaelson Stole My Heart 1:23
B13 Nimzo Sleep 1:28
B14 Nion Lovely 0:45
B15 Cory Giordano Movement Insists 1:42
B16 LeVirya Bygones 2:23
B17 Mercedes Benz Fondness 2:08
B18 Gaz Korbier Q'importe la Saison 2:40


The 4th instalment of the FUTURES compilation series, this time with 62 tracks from 62 different artists, split across two tape cassettes for over 2 hrs of chill beats. Featuring both new and familiar faces, we aim to highlight the talent of independent bedroom producers worldwide.

Typo on second tape: should be "Tape no. 2" instead of "Tape no. 1"