Various ‎– Fall Theory Sounds

Fall Theory Sounds ‎– FTS01
Cassette, Compilation


"Finally, some sort of organization takes
place and eight musical pieces are
assembled to comprise what is the thirty minute
Fall Theory tape. This tape
is very regional: it's either very
Arizona or very Michigan, so I suppose
this tape--in relation
to the theme of fall--represents what could best be
termed as "Arid Michigonia."
I wish I could describe this tape as being very
smart, editor of a college paper, a bit wet
behind the ears, equipped with a
good sense of humor,
and the owner of a lot of cool shirts,
but it still
boils down to eight songs played by
eight different musical entities trying
to to nail down a season
(or at least make good driving and listening material).
The season is fall,
as is the tape and the label,
as is the
release date, as is everything else,
at least until winter hits."