Various ‎– Fanfares, Links, Bridges, Stings Vol. 2

Bruton Music ‎– BRA 2
Vinyl, LP


Fanfares & Announcements
A1 Westward 1
A2 Westward 2
A3 Top Honours
A4 One Step Ahead
A5 Trademark
A6 Oscar
A7 Colossus
A8 Pomposity
A9 Prestige Travel 1
A10 Prestige Travel 2
A11 Ricotti Logo 1
A12 Ricotti Logo 2
A13 Ricotti Logo 3
A14 Ricotti Logo 4
A15 Ricotti Logo 5
A16 Ricotti Logo 6
A17 Ricotti Logo 7
A18 Ricotti Logo 8
A19 Ricotti Logo 9
A20 Fanfare For The King
A21 Heraldic Overture
A22 Trumpet Call
A23 Cenataph
A24 Clarion 1
A25 Clarion 2
A26 Clarion 3
A27 Clarion 4
A28 Clarion 5
A29 Take A Bow 1
A30 Take A Bow 2
A31 Show-Biz Fanfare 1
A32 Show-Biz Fanfare 2
A33 Show-Biz Fanfare 3
A34 Show-Biz Fanfare 4
A35 Show-Biz Fanfare 5
A36 Show-Biz Fanfare 6
A37 Show-Biz Fanfare 7
A38 Show-Biz Fanfare 8
A39 Show-Biz Fanfare 9
A40 Show Fanfare 1
A41 Show Fanfare 2
A42 Show Fanfare 3
A43 Newsflash 1
A44 Newsflash 2
A45 Network
A46 Fortress
A47 March International
Contemporary, Electronic
B1 Caption 1
B2 Caption 2
B3 Rough Ride
B4 Tag 1
B5 Tag 2
B6 Tag 3
B7 Tag 4
B8 Logo
B9 Video Fanfare
B10 Futurism
B11 Benbo Logo
B12 Hawk Logo 1
B13 Hawk Logo 2
B14 Hawk Logo 3
B15 Hawk Logo 4
B16 Hawk Logo 5
B17 Hawk Logo 6
B18 Hawk Logo 7
B19 Hawk Logo 8
B20 Approach And Pass 1
B21 Approach And Pass 2
B22 Late Extra
B23 News Of The World
B24 Evening News
B25 Evening News Link
B26 Newscast
B27 Newscast Link
B28 Todays News
Contemporary Brass
B29 Pop Vox
B30 Bulletin Link 1
B31 Bulletin Link 2
B32 Bulletin Link 3
B33 Bulletin Link 4
B34 Bulletin Link 5
B35 Bulletin Link 6
B36 Bulletin Link 7
B37 Ins And Outs 1
B38 Ins And Outs 2
B39 Ins And Outs 3
B40 Ins And Outs 4
B41 Ins And Outs 5
B42 Ins And Outs 6
B43 Ins And Outs 7
B44 Ins And Outs 8
B45 Ins And Outs 9
B46 Ins And Outs 10
B47 Ins And Outs 11
B48 Disco Data
B49 Sure Thing
B50 Venture
B51 Broadcast
B52 Campaign
B53 Radio 1
B54 Radio 2
B55 Compere Entry 1
B56 Compere Entry 2
B57 Gala Awards
B58 Supertag
B59 Electroglide
B60 Big Time
B61 Power Pack
B62 Stunt Man