Various ‎– Field Records x Hokori - Future History - 10th Anniversary Collector’s Box

Field Records (3) ‎– FBX01
24 × Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, Colored
2 × CD, Compilation
Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Mixed
Box Set, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition


Various ‎– Field 10 (Limited Edition, White)
A1 Roswell Return Probe 7
A2 R-A-G Siel
A3 Delta Funktionen Motor
B1 Artefakt (2) The Other Sun
B2 Metropolis (30) Void
Various ‎– Collection Sampler 1/3 (Limited Edition, Transparent)
A Acronym 16 Cygni
B1 Ben Buitendijk Colourblind
B2 Voiski A Star In Your Head
Various ‎– Collection Sampler 2/3 (Limited Edition, Transparent)
A1 Varg (6) Ohns Odegard
A2 Remote_ Echo Of You
B Polar Inertia Sonic Outlaws
Various ‎– Collection Sampler 3/3 (Limited Edition, Transparent)
A Artefakt (2) Narcosis
B1 Iori Inject
B2 Szare All Over
L'estasi Dell'oro ‎– I Look Upon Nature While I Live In A Steel City
A1 L'estasi Dell'oro Premeditating The First Gate
A2 L'estasi Dell'oro Neue Bahnen
B1 L'estasi Dell'oro I Know I Know
B2 L'estasi Dell'oro Wavefront
C1 L'estasi Dell'oro Kingdom Of North America, Citizen's Archival Recording #024
C2 L'estasi Dell'oro Bit Back Straight Spine
D1 L'estasi Dell'oro Did It Good
D2 L'estasi Dell'oro A Much Updated Ruin From A Much Outdated Style
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. ‎– In The Wake Of The Dark Earth
A1 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* When Ansgar, Plague Of The North Arrived At The Gates Of Birka
A2 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Offerings To Njord
A3 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Leaving Mälaren, Across Austmarr
B1 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Drowned In Lake Ladoga
B2 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Ruriks Holmgard
B3 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Slave Merchants In Aldeigjubdorg
C1 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Down The River Volchov
C2 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* White Sea / Black Sea
D1 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Byzantium Traders Sailing Over The Edge Of The World
D2 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Entering The Caspian Sea
D3 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* Broken Arrows Hidden In The Sand
D4 D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.* The Fallen City / Reduced To Loneliness
Kartei ‎– The Information Is Coming From The Server
A1 Kartei Junkyard Of Space
A2 Kartei Sunset
B1 Kartei Open Space Romance
B2 Kartei Kartei Gets Fat
B3 Kartei Midnight Sadness
C1 Kartei Coco
C2 Kartei Energie Du Vide
C3 Kartei Tertiary Love
D Kartei YDKMN
Staffan Linzatti ‎– Who Knows Where To Go
A1 Staffan Linzatti Madness
A2 Staffan Linzatti Lost
A3 Staffan Linzatti The Only Thing Greater Is Simple
B1 Staffan Linzatti Control Room Failure
B2 Staffan Linzatti Who Knows Where To Go
B3 Staffan Linzatti Untitled
Szare ‎– The Rain God Has Cursed This Golden Land (Limited Edition, White Marble)
A1 Szare The Silver Number
A2 Szare Buried Rails
B1 Szare Crop Failure
B2 Szare Overcharged By The Pump
Isorinne ‎– Recollections Of Forgotten Dreams
A1 Isorinne* Blurred Perceptions Of Substance
A2 Isorinne* Reality Is What You Can Get Away With
A3 Isorinne* Whereabouts Unknown
B1 Isorinne* Without Tears
B2 Isorinne* Terrestrial Measure
B3 Isorinne* Untitled
Iori ‎– Cold Radiance
A1 Iori Transmission
A2 Iori Distant Planet
B1 Iori Ascending
B2 Iori Passage
C1 Iori The Fountains
C2 Iori A Fall Of Moondust
D1 Iori Voices Of The Sky
D2 Iori Purple
Artefakt ‎– The Final Theory
A Artefakt (2) The Final Theory
B1 Artefakt (2) Moving Horizon
B2 Artefakt (2) Solaris
Kiyoko ‎– Emeralds
A Kiyoko (2) Emeralds
B1 Kiyoko (2) Nancy Grows Up
B2 Kiyoko (2) The Heights
L'estasi Dell'oro ‎– Aut Delectare Aut Prodesse Est
A1 L'estasi Dell'oro Metronomic Tremors
A2 L'estasi Dell'oro Dialectics On Hold
B L'estasi Dell'oro Achieve Ignition
Scott Monteith ‎– Qawwali Quatsch
A1 Scott Monteith Ghazal 1
A2 Scott Monteith Ghazal 2
A3 Scott Monteith Ghazal 3
A4 Scott Monteith Ghazal 4
B1 Scott Monteith Ghazal 5
B2 Scott Monteith Ghazal 6
B3 Scott Monteith The Unveiling Of The Veiled
B4 Scott Monteith Ghazal 7
Staffan Linzatti ‎– The Dynamic Dispatch (Limited Edition, Clear)
A1 Staffan Linzatti Beyond Our Control
A2 Staffan Linzatti Early Days
A3 Staffan Linzatti Drone Control
B1 Staffan Linzatti Energy Absorbing Energy
B2 Staffan Linzatti By Any Means
B3 Staffan Linzatti Below The Ice
C1 Staffan Linzatti Intelligence, Rival
C2 Staffan Linzatti Lost Contact (Malfunction)
C3 Staffan Linzatti Holding The Key
D1 Staffan Linzatti The Smallest Voice
D2 Staffan Linzatti Expansion Of Free Thought
D3 Staffan Linzatti The Life Of Life
D4 Staffan Linzatti The Long Way Home
E1 Staffan Linzatti All It Takes Is A Spark
E2 Staffan Linzatti Engineering (The Impossible)
E3 Staffan Linzatti Take The Step
F1 Staffan Linzatti Normality
F2 Staffan Linzatti The Grand View
F3 Staffan Linzatti Invading Mind Space
F4 Staffan Linzatti A New Beginning
Acronym ‎– Malm (Limited Edition, Blue Transparent)
A1 Acronym Paranoia
A2 Acronym Inner Conflict
B1 Acronym The Final Decision
B2 Acronym Rails
B3 Acronym No Regrets
C1 Acronym And Then There Was Nothing
C2 Acronym Phonecalls
C3 Acronym What Could Have Been
D1 Acronym Pointless Endeavor
D2 Acronym The Trains Kept Rolling
Various ‎– Field Records - Collection
1-1 Sons Of Melancholia Theme From The Lake
1-2 SYS (3) Radius
1-3 Unbroken Dub Bad Module
1-4 Remote_ Echo Of You
1-5 Acronym 16 Cygni
1-6 Resoe Outer Dimension
1-7 Iori Cut
1-8 Voiski Falling Behind
1-9 Polar Inertia Sonic Outlaws
1-10 Brando Lupi Between Here And Nowhere
2-1 Varg (6) Ohns Odegard
2-2 Peder Mannerfelt It's Never Gonna Be Over For Me
2-3 Szare Nautical Mile
2-4 Ben Buitendijk Colourblind
2-5 Artefakt (2) Narcosis
2-6 J&L Lucid Dreams
2-7 Ness (8) Ravage As An Earth Panther
2-8 Bleaching Agent Ivlap
2-9 Iori Inject
2-10 Voiski A Star In Your Head
DJ Sprinkles ‎– Deeperama : Sally's II Tribute Tape 2012
A DJ Sprinkles For Sally
B DJ Sprinkles For Jimmy


Limited Edition Box Set - 10 Editions Only.

Weighing in at 7,5 kg, the 10th anniversary of Field Records is celebrated with the release of a handmade, ten-piece wooden box set. Produced in collaboration with Hokori, each box bundles all Field Records releases published during the past five years.


- Series of ten box sets only, no remake.
- 7.5kg, 330 x 330 x 120 millimeters.
- Made from French oak and walnut with an oak veneer inlay.
- Handmade production and design by Hokori (

Items: Field 10-26 (24x12’’, including limited editions of Field 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 25 and 26), DJ Sprinkles presents Deeperama (cassette tape), Collection (2CD), tote bag, sticker.


» VA - Field10 (Field10)
» VA - Field Collection 1/3 (Field11)
» VA - Field Collection 2/3 (Field12)
» VA - Field Collection 3/3 (Field13)
» L'estasi Dell'oro (Field14)
» D.A.R.F.D.H.S. (Field15)
» Kartei (Field16)
» Staffan Linzatti (Field17)
» Szare (Field18)
» Isorinne (Field19)
» IORI (Field20)
» Artefakt (Field21)
» Kiyoko (Field22)
» L'estasi Dell'oro (Field23)
» Scott Monteith aka Deadbeat (Field24)
» Staffan Linzatti (Field25)
» Acronym (Field26)
» VA - Field Collection 2CD (FCD01)
» DJ Sprinkles (FCT01)