Various ‎– Forest Frequencies

Lost Theory Records ‎– LTRCD001
CD, Compilation

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1 MakadaM Sir Pickelhaupt The III
Written-By, Producer – Daniel Jansson (3)
2 Purosurpo Tree-Tale
Written-By, Producer – Jens Eriksson
3 Pandora's Box (4) Time Edge
Written-By, Producer – Luciano Losiggio, Valentin Rusiechi
4 OneirOmaniX The Bipolar Magician
Written-By, Producer – Adam Gottesman, Aviram Deree
5 Megalopsy Derrames
Written-By, Producer – Nicolás Di Bernado
6 Alien Mental A Time Of Lost Theories
Written-By, Producer – Lalith Rao
7 Will O' Wisp Snowdrops
Written-By, Producer – Gaston Mellino
8 Scope (11) Focus
Written-By, Producer – Rafaël Campoli, Yannick Thiry
9 Polyphonia vs. Zik Are You Mad?
Written-By, Producer – Alex Vozikis, Romolo Cheri
10 Furious (4) Onchemical In You Z
Written-By, Producer – Nikolay Golutvin



Tempo and information for all tracks:
1. 148 (Sweden)
2. 147 (Sweden)
3. 150 (Argentina)
4. 150 (Israel)
5. 150 (Argentina)
6. 152 (India)
7. 148 (Argentina)
8. 154 (Belgium)
9. 150 (Greece)
10. 178 (Russia)

Issued in a Digipak.


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April 9, 2019


Interesting darkpsy/forest comp which houses an all-time great track in Oneiromanix's The Bipolar Magician: stunning synth-leads later in the piece with matching bass-work. The motif returns near the end to trippy trancey effect. Belongs in any serious psy-trance collection. Complementing it is a powerful forest banger from Purosurpo and a furious hi-psychedelia from Furious as the closer. The other tracks are a little mixed in quality, with especially the second half of the comp offering somewhat messy stop-starty numbers, maybe a bit too avant- for some tastes.

Ratings guide:
5-stars: outstanding, never gets old, best of the best.
4-stars: very good with plenty highlights, tho' some weaknesses here and there.
3-stars: worth checking out but with reservations.
2-stars: not recommended. Might have potential, it's just not much good.
1-star : everything is skippable, worst of the worst.


September 24, 2014

I bought this release from one of the label owners when it came out because I wanted to support their label and festival. At that time I was quite into the so called "Forest Trance" genre and I thought the release was OK after listening to it a couple of times. After that I didn't put it on again, but after years of dj'ing and hearing other people reccomend certain tracks I kept coming back to it and I was surprised that that amazing track was actually on this CD I already had.

Purosurpo - Tree Tale has become my favorite Purosurpo release. The melodic climax at the ending is just plain beautiful. At one time it sounds like one of the most intense dancing climaxes in all of Forest music, and the other time it can appear very calming and soothing. Purosurpo and the Derango duo are my favorite trance artists of all time, and this is a good example why. I'm hoping to hear more of their works (and also of the Hallucinogenic Horses project - check out the album on this label) through Lost Theory Records.

Pandora's Box - Time Edge is also a great track to have on here. It's not my favorite track of this project (and their Abyss Ooze project - check it out!), but their work deserves to be released and to be heard by more people. This track is a bit of a weird atmospheric track that'll set the proper mood on the dancefloor, especially near morning, but I don't think it will be remembered by a lot later on.

Oneiromanix - The Bipolar Magician is also an example of a track that didn't stand out at first, but that I've only truly discovered today. I haven't heard many people talk about this project yet, so for me this can be concidered as a hidden gem. After freaking out on their 'Rails of Hazards' track I discovered they had a track on this compilation too, and it's great! The constant bassline variations are very dancefloor friendly and never seem to be forced, it all flows in naturally together with the beautiful atmospheric soundwaves and melodies. After hearing this I just had to write this review.

Megalopsy - Derammes: I've never been a fan of this artist, but this must be one of the most unique, mossy, thriving, freaked out tracks I've ever heard. It's a complete mindfuck that will have everybody nailed to the ground when played on a dancefloor, in a good way. I still haven't found the proper track to play after this one.

The second part is not my cup of tea, it gets a bit more "Dark Psy / High-Tech" from there on. I see the artists are loved by a lot, so I think you have to be into this kinda stuff to appreciate it. Overall I think it's a great representation of the lineup of the Lost Theory Festivals, and I can't wait to hear another VA from their label! :)



August 9, 2009

Lost Theory Records from Belgium gives us in the summer of 2009 their own contribution to the forest frequencies out there by releasing their debut with acts ready to distort your mind and twist your imagination all around and throughout your blinking chakras. Lost Theory has set them self out to bring you their view on today’s psychedelic swamp music, and it smells and looks nice. Represented by well established artists as well as upcoming talents, Lost Theory is giving the world a strange tale from the forests that they themselves have experienced and loved. The Lost Theory crew compiled this debut album keeping the muddy dance floor experiences in mind where they start out with deep and confused forest sounds with groovy basslines and colorful soundscapes to twist your tits, and manages to evolve the sound into hi-tech psychedelics to give the story a proper ending. Best of all, the fusion works perfect and it feels like it was meant to be.

Recommendation: So, in an enchanted forest of colorful imagination and stellar confusion, the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area are swaying over your nut to delightfully spin you around and feel the fresh breeze of swamp-infected beats to the higher technology of modern time sound pools. The mood is quirky and it’s mysterious as to reflect the vivid imagination a dusked to dawned forest can imply on your delirious mind. This lost theory from across the green planet is about tentative explanations of some aspect of the forest world where you easily can lose the bearings of one’s confused time, place and personal identity. It’s an organized chaotic system of accepted and unknown knowledge that applies in a variety of circumstances to imagine a specific set of a demented phenomenon, which seems to live inside us all.

The Forest Frequencies by Lost Theory is basically the ratio of the number of observations in a confused yet connected category to the total number of ten magical artists being observed while they play their mental delusions upon your effected membrane that woggles along a forest trail of swamps and technology. It’s a beautiful and mental journey and you should check it out if this is your style of forest groove. Recommended!

Favorite Tracks: 1, 3, 6, 8, 10