Various ‎– From The Inside Out

Lifted Music (2) ‎– LFTD003
2 × Vinyl, EP, Promo, 12"


Released via ST Holdings as a full artwork promo approximately 1 month before general release.

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December 13, 2009
Spor can just do no wrong it would seem. Ive yet to hear a bad, or even sub par release from him, and this is no exception. All 4 songs are varied, with 'Dirge' probably being the most accessable for listeners who aren't particularly into the darker side of DnB. But that doesnt mean its laid back at all.. its an epic dancefloor destroyer. I particularly like the build up, with the guitar (or at least it sounds like one) that slowly becomes more distorted culminating in an evil sounding scream before the flood gates open and your ear drums are pounded with relentless drums and bass so evil it needs to be exorcised. And that in my opinion is the most accesable. 'We Dominate' is complete madness, the Ewun influence is really evident here if your familiar with his other work, as it has a nice catchy beat with truely bizarre bass that sounds like your speakers are crying out in pain. 'Levitate' is my personal favourite, I love the misleadingly chilled out intro before you get your brains kicked to pieces by some of the heaviest drums ive ever heard in my life. Ive seen what this song does to a dancefloor, and its not something I'll forget. Finally theres 'Dying Of The Light' which is probably the least heavy on the album, as the drums dont pound your ears. Instead they are much quieter, giving more emphasis to the mood of the song, with its eerie samples and evolving bassline.

All in all, I'd say this is probably one of the best releases on Lifted Music.. which is quite a statement considering the other releases under that label. Definatly check this out if your into your Dark DnB/ Neurofunk, because this is an amazing release.