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The Early Set
Fatboy Slim Gangster Trippin' 3:19
Dub Pistols Cyclone (Stretch & Vern's Punks Jump Up Mix) 3:12
MURK Reach For Me (Matthew Roberts Funk Force 98 Mix) 2:42
A.T.G.O.C. Repeated Love 4:18
187 Lockdown The Don 1:58
Apollo Four Forty* Lost In Space (Jason Nevins Lunar Landing) 2:27
Cevin Fisher's Big Freak The Freaks Come Out (Sharp Freaks At Trade Mix) 3:41
Jamiroquai Deeper Underground (S-Man Meets Da Northface Killa Dub) 0:55
React (3) Let's Go All The Way (Johnny Vicious Dub) 3:21
Chicane Strong In Love 3:19
Ruff Driverz Dreaming (Percussion Mix) 4:37
Meltdown Voices (Knuckleheadz INCredible Dub) 3:05
Billy Hendrix Body Shine 4:13
Golden Girls Kinetic (Rhythm Masters Melodic Mix) 3:09
Blue Adonis Disco Cop (Original Climax Mix) 2:45
Dusk Til Dawn Fine Night (Untidy Dub) 3:55
The Son Jumpin' And Pumpin' (Fred And Ginger TP Mix) 3:54
Storm Storm (Original Club Mix) 3:13
Hand's Burn Good Shot 3:13
Ayla Ayla (Space Brothers Meet Sacha Collisson Remix) 4:17
Q-Dos* I'm Not Going Home (Gatecrasher Vocal Mix) 4:43
Spearmint Nova 4:49
The Late Set
Blank & Jones Flying To The Moon (Taucher Remix) 4:20
Liquid Child Diving Faces 2:22
Dove Beat Paloma 4:22
York Jastamba (Suspicious Mix) 4:27
Dominion Lost Without You (Human Movement's Solitary Mix) 4:06
BT Godspeed 4:47
Orinoko Vila Nova (Novy Vs. Eniac Mix) 2:30
Boccaccio Life Secret Wish 3:11
Paul van Dyk For An Angel 98 (E-Werk Club Mix) 3:12
Transa Behind The Sun 3:53
Aura (8) Share The Tears (Warlock Mix) 3:27
Marc Et Claude La (Lange Mix) 2:23
Art Of Trance Madagascar 5:36
Three Drives Greece 2000 (Lost Tribe V Miro Mix) 2:17
Push Universal Nation 4:34
Mea Culpa Spiritual Light 4:07
Silhouette (5) Silhouette Of Our Love (Dark Matter Remix) 5:05
Quake Mantra (Forever) (Quake Remake) 4:17
Area Definition Of Tekto 2:30
DJ Mind-X Nightingale 5:59

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Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year
INC02CDX Various Gatecrasher: Black(2xCD, Mixed, Dig) INCredible INC02CDX UK 1998 Sell This Version
INC2CD Various Gatecrasher: Black(2xCD, Comp, Mixed) INCredible INC2CD Australia 1998 Sell This Version
INC2CD Various Gatecrasher: Black(2xCD, Mixed, Jew) INCredible INC2CD UK 1998 Sell This Version
INC2CD Various Gatecrasher: Black(2xCD, Mixed, Vel) INCredible INC2CD UK 1998 Sell This Version


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February 5, 2019
referencing Gatecrasher: Black, 2xCD, Mixed, Dig, INC02CDX

The first Gatecrasher release is really something! It puts all the best house and trance music together in a really good mix that would impress many for decades to come. Black is the name of this album, and contains 2 CD's like all future installments with the first consisting of house and some trance music, while the second contains only trance music.

The first disc really gets the energy pumping with the likes of Fatboy Slim's Gangster Trippin', A.T.G.O.C.'s Repeated Love, 187 Lockdown's The Don, Cevin Fisher's Big Freak's The Freaks Come Out (Sharp Freaks At Trade Mix) and then things start to get a bit serious with Chicane's Strong In Love which is a personal favourite for me, and we have Billy Hendrix's Body Shine, Golden Girls's Kinetic (Rhythm Masters Melodic Mix), Blue Adonis's Disco Cop (Original Climax Mix), Hand's Burn's Good Shot and Ayla's Ayla (Space Brothers Meet Sacha Collisson Remix). It's truly a fantastic experience with great mixing and a good feel to it, and while it's not perfect it really does the job.

The second disc on the other hand is purely trance, something that the later releases would solely focus on. The first track Blank & Jones's Flying To The Moon (Taucher Remix) is epic, followed by Liquid Child's Diving Faces which many of us know, the beautiful track known as Paloma by Dove Beat and another favourite - York's Jastamba (Suspicious Mix). Moving on we have Orinoko's Vila Nova (Novy Vs. Eniac Mix), Boccaccio Life's Secret Wish (which I remember from Best Club Anthems '99), Marc Et Claude's La (Lange Mix), Three Drives's Greece 2000 (Lost Tribe V Miro Mix) and Push's Universal Nation. The remaining five tracks following Push did very little for me, but for what we got it was great.

Overall, the first Gatecrasher is a solid release. It is not perfect, and there are some songs that were not memorable to me at all, but it was mixed great and does impress me a lot. The next four releases are all far superior in my honest opinion, but if I compare this album with 'Euphoria - For The Mind, Body and Soul', this one is the winner.


July 29, 2016
referencing Gatecrasher: Black, 2xCD, Mixed, Dig, INC02CDX
I'm sure Scott bond mixed almost all of them . The early ones for sure


January 7, 2016
referencing Gatecrasher: Black, 2xCD, Mixed, Dig, INC02CDX
Who actually mixed this CD? Same question applies for GC Red, too. Both are legendary CD's.


July 17, 2012
edited 3 months ago
referencing Gatecrasher: Black, 2xCD, Mixed, Dig, INC02CDX

I was a regular at Gatecrasher at the time, before and after the complication was released. This is the most accurate and elegant interpretation of a generation defining underground super club's dance floor soundtrack that was like a musical Mecca for many.

All we used to think about each week was what we were going to hear and experience at the club at the weekend! We lived for the weekend!! Gatecrasher was like no other. No one partied harder. Everyone was unified by the sound, the room was electric and many people had the best night of their lives there. The only equal to the pure, unpretentious hedonism I felt there was at the legendary Trade in London, which also released a series of stunning compilation albums.

One thing I respect about the Black compilation is the fact that no DJ's names are used. It's about the CLUB sound - not the DJ's individual sound. I know this might sound weird coming from a DJ but this set the CD apart from it's peers at the time of release. It's was kind of a modern concept at the time.

Some people rumoured that it was all down digitally mixing it on a computer (not vinyl or CD) which it may sound in parts. I feel this remains irrelevant and I think you may have the same opinion after listening to the team effort that created something spectacular.

Scott Bond is rumoured to have put the bulk of the mixes together and I personally feel that Matt Hardwick gave his two cents for the start of CD1, with a slight nod to Back-to Basics who were hosting the backroom at the time. There was some crossover in the energy of both Gatecrasher & Trade, GC was a Polysexual hedonistic club that pioneered the straight scene with it's own sound and Trade was an iconic-stylish-debauched-consciousness-expanding underground super gay club that accepted everyone with the right attitude (and turned away Madonna, Cher, Axel Rose at the door as they had the wrong attitude) plus had created it's own sound after being one of London's first pioneering techno clubs since it's conception in 1990, blending elements of Rave, Belgian New Beat, House & Trance.

I saw the late legend Tony De Vit, who was a Trade resident, play Gatecrasher several times and TONY ROCKED THE PLACE LIKE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!! Seeing a crowd go so wild and hard at 4am to such high energy when I was a teenager was like a religious experience...going back to corporate normality the next morning proved that there was much more to life than we are told, which in turn opened my mind to the world.

The start of the first CD may need a little explanation. This is similar to what GC resident Matt Hardwick used to play during the first couple of hours on the main dance floor to get the vibe going. 'The Don' and 'Lost In Space' echo the warm up of the main floor. 'Body Shine' by Billie Hendrix is a massive memory of the temperature rising and the hairs standing up on the back of your neck when the music started to progress in tempo & ethereal nature as the dance floor became full. This was when the main room was starting to get to capacity and the onslaught of beautiful, intricate spine chilling music (which was beautiful, fresh and new at the time) started to take over from the very cool tough London style chunky house beats. To tell the truth I do wish they had included the fantastic 99 Allstars - 'Chemical Generation' as it was played almost every week! We used to always hear it in the queue if we turned up too late (...which was a weekly occurrence as we made new costumes every time!!).

Towards the middle of CD1 you get a feel of the funky, gimmicky yet charming pumping party house sounds of Judge Jules who used to be a resident. Despite his cheesy reputation he used to play alright tracks which were well received in the early years of Gatecrasher. I used to love when he played N.R.G - 'Never Lost His Hardcore (Baby Doc Mix) of which the Dusk Til Dawn - 'Fine Night' reminds me of. 'Good Shot' was another underrated underground anthem that everyone in the crowd new. It's was very hypnotic and the bassline got everyone dancing!! This leads of 'Ayla' that was a huge hands in the air anthem that made you feel as if you were in heaven in Sheffield! DJ Taucher who wrote the track used to sometimes play at Gatecrasher too which brought a very angelic and heavenly sound to the club. 'I'm Not Going Home' was often played by Scott Bond at the end of the night. The vocal made lots of sense then!! We loved it so much we even went to a record shop and tried to sing the riff to the record shop owner who looked at us very weirdly! The to top it all off is the magnificent Spearmint - 'Nova' which pumped with serious passion and raised spirits to the roof. This was also a big hit with the girls, of which there were many beautiful ones due to the free, open minded, relaxed, no-sexual party environment the club was. It was hot & sexy with loads of beautiful people high on the best drugs in the world, all going together in this mass of euphoria...which was all quite innocent. We all gave the girls space, looked out for one another and helped girls out who needed it. We were one big family consisting of lawyers, builders, club kids, white/black/brown/green/purple/all colours dancing and sweating together for hours in harmony! United Nations take note!!

CD2 speaks for itself. Quality, integrity, forward thinking, composed, elegantly mixed and complied. This was made for artistic value not money. There's not much out there that has the feeling of a modern classically composed piece of music but with electronic sounds and this does it...perhaps Mozart would have a Roland Jupiter 8 or JP8000 these days.

It's a statement which lead to the expansion of one of the biggest clubbing brands. This proves that you absolutely do not have to sell out to make it. Every DJ should take note of this fact.

Your sound is more important than your PR. Your impact on changing people's lives through sound and resonance is unbelievably more important than how much money you make for yourself.

The CD is a sensational journey through sound. Every track compliments the next. If I close my eyes I'm there back on the Gatecrasher dance floor surrounded by amazing people all set on having the best time of their lives. By the end you feel different. This is what every mix, podcast or club complication should aim to do. The sooner that people start to take risks like the second part of this album and stop producing album after album of the same generic, formulaic music the better.

To sum it up: You need to hear this.



April 14, 2010
referencing Gatecrasher: Black, 2xCD, Mixed, Dig, INC02CDX

The first release from Gatecrasher, and one that I believe nicely concludes and sums-up the explosion of dance music in the 90's. Yes, there are still many quality releases (tracks and albums) after 1998, however, none quite have the character and underground, unpolished feel and sound as so many of the decades albums, think Cream Live 1995, The Annual Vol. 1-4. The name of this album reflects this too: Gatecrasher Black, and the album certainly does have a dark, night-time theme running through it, a complete contrast to say the summer vibe flowing through Wet.

Contrary to the other review, I think each disc complements the other. As the title of CD1 (Early Set) suggests, this isn't going to be your pounding, hands-in-the-air straight off, what the first disc does is gradualy build you up to this starting with some tribal and funky sounding house before slipping into some more classic sounding trance like The Rhythm Masters remix of Golden Girls Kinetic and Good Shot by Hands Burn...a very under-rated track I feel in today's "dance classics" market. Add in some harder sounding house and trance and even some UK Hard House and you get the idea that this first disc has a diverse selection of music that gradually builds to Spearmints "Nova" which gives you a taste of what is to come on the second disc.

The Late Set (CD2) is what you expect from trance superclub Gatecrasher but still has some structure to the mix. The disc starting with some more chilled and Balearic sounding trance thanks to tracks like "La Paloma" before slipping into the sonic progressive sounds of Godspeed (BT) and the all time classic epic sounding For an Angel (this album being where the track finally "clicked" for me!). From here on in the album just lets loose and its a full on, synth flying, 140BPM ride of Anthem / Epic Trance at its best before it fell foul of commercialism.

Owning this album won't come cheap, but it well worth the £30 price tag most sellers on Amazon have it for. Yes, you could always buy the latest Gatecrasher Club / Trance Classics / Anthems for a tenner which has most if not all of these tracks, but the "experience" of hearing these tracks on the original album, now nearly 12 years old, with the vinyl crackle and non-computerised mixing is much more enjoyable and emotional than some shiny boxed computer mixed cash-in.


July 27, 2003
referencing Gatecrasher: Black, 2xCD, Mixed, Dig, INC02CDX
A quality early release from the Gatecrasher stable. This is a very contrasting release though. Disc 1 has a much more housey feel to it with tracks such as Repeated love and Deeper Underground. Not bad, but not what you'd expect from Gatecrasher.

However, disc 2 picks up from this and is one of the best trance mixes I have heard. The track selection is awesome, both with the tracks that have had much success (such as For An Angel) as well as those not as well know. The mixing is seemless/dangerous also.

So while disc 1 is a bit of a let down, disc 2 more then makesup for it.