Various ‎– Glory & Praise Vol. 1

4 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation


Record One
A1 Rev. Carey Landry* Abba Father!
A2 Dan Schutte, S.J.* And Jim Murray, S.J.* All My Days
A3 Erich Sylvester (2) Amazing Grace
A4 Rev. Carey Landry* And The Father Will Dance
A5 Rev. Carey Landry* Are Not Our Hearts
A6 Joe Zsigray Arise, Come Sing In The Morning
A7 Tim Schoenbachler Baptism Prayer
A8 Bob Dufford S.J.* Be Not Afraid
B1 Erich Sylvester (2) Blessed Be God Forever
B2 Dan Schutte S.J.* Blest Be The Lord
B3 Dan Schutte, S.J.* Come With Me Into The Fields
B4 John Foley, S.J.* Dwelling Place
B5 John Foley, S.J.* Earthen Vessels
B6 Bob Dufford, S.J.* Every Valley
B7 Rev. Carey Landry* Everyone Moved By The Spirit
B8 John Foley, S.J.* For You Are My God
B9 Dan Schutte, S.J.* Glory And Praise To Our God
B10 Ed Gutfreund Good Morning, Zachary
Record Two
C1 Rev. Carey Landry* Great Things Happen When God Mixes With Us!
C2 Rev. Carey Landry* Hail Mary: Gentle Woman
C3 Ed Gutfreund How Can I Keep From Singing?
C4 Rev. Carey Landry* I Believe In The Sun
C5 Tim Manion I Lift Up My Soul
C6 John Foley, S.J.* I Will Sing Of The Lord
C7 John Foley, S.J.* If God Is For Us
C8 Dan Schutte, S.J.* If The Lord Does Not Build
C9 Rev. Carey Landry* In Him We Live
D1 Roc O'Connor, S.J.* In Praise Of His Name
D2 Ed Gutfreund In The Day Of The Lord
D3 Rev. Carey Landry* Isaiah 49
D4 Rev. Carey Landry* Jesus Is Life
D5 Rev. Carey Landry* Lay Your Hands
D6 Bob Dufford, S.J.* Let Heaven Rejoice
D7 Rev. Carey Landry* Like A Seal On Your Heart
D8 Bob Dufford, S.J.* Like A Shepherd
Record Three
E1 Rev. Carey Landry* Litany
E2 Tim Manion Lord Of Glory
E3 Rev. Carey Landry* Only A Shadow
E4 Rev. Carey Landry* Peace Is Flowing Like A River
E5 John Foley, S.J.* Peace Prayer
E6 Bob Dufford, S.J.* Play Before The Lord
E7 John Foley, S.J.* Praise The Lord, My Soul
E8 Rev. Carey Landry* Psalm 133: Oh, How Good
E9 John Foley, S.J.* Rise Up, Jerusalem
F1 Tim Schoenbachler Rise Up, Jerusalem
F2 Roc O'Connor, S.J.* Seek The Lord
F3 Dan Schutte, S.J.* Sing A New Song
F4 Bob Dufford, S.J.* Sing To The Mountains
F5 Tim Schoenbachler A Song For The Masses
F6 Rev. Carey Landry* Song Of Baptism
F7 Rev. Carey Landry* The Spirit Is A-Movin'
F8 Erich Sylvester (2) Stay With Me
F9 John Foley, S.J.* Take, Lord, Receive
Record Four
G1 Erich Sylvester (2) This Is A Holy Day
G2 Dan Schutte, S.J.* Though The Mountains May Fall
G3 Rev. Carey Landry* A Time For Building Bridges
G4 John Foley, S.J.* Turn To Me
G5 Dan Schutte, S.J.* Yahweh, The Faithful One
G6 Dan Schutte, S.J.* You Are Near
G7 Rev. Carey Landry* You Have Been Baptized In Christ
Service Music
H1 Erich Sylvester (2) Lord, Have Mercy
H2 Joe Zsigray Kyrie
H3 Joe Zsigray Gloria
H4 Wendy Vickers Glory To God
H5 Ed Gutfreund Alleluia, Praise To The Lord
H6 Erich Sylvester (2) Alleluia
H7 Wendy Vickers Holy, Holy
H8 Bob Dufford, S.J.* And Dan Schutte, S.J.* Holy
H9 Joe Zsigray Anamnesis
H10 Tim Schoenbachler Anamensis
H11 Erich Sylvester (2) Dying You Destroyed Our Death?
H12 Joe Zsigray Lord, By Your Cross And Resurrection
H13 Rev. Carey Landry* When We Eat This Bread
H14 Ed Gutfreund When We Gather...We Proclaim
H15 Bob Dufford, S.J.* Doxology
H16 Tim Schoenbachler Amen
H17 Erich Sylvester (2) Amen
H18 Erich Sylvester (2) The Lord's Prayer
H19 Erich Sylvester (2) Lamb Of God
H20 Erich Sylvester (2) Lamb Of God