Various ‎– Gonerfest2

Goner Records ‎– 26GONE


1-01 Persuaders Baby Come On
1-02 Reigning Sound We Repel Each Other
1-03 Carbonas Sick Satisfaction
1-04 Leather Uppers* Sexy Time
1-05 Angry Angles You Call It Love
1-06 Tokyo Electron Hangman's Song
1-07 Cococoma She Gets Heavy
1-08 Lamps Bile
1-09 Joe Silverking* King City
1-10 Demon's Claws Blood On My Fangs
1-11 Golden Boys* Whiskey Bottle
1-12 Rat Traps Cunt Eyes
1-13 Porch Honkees Drama Queen
1-14 Killer's Kiss Shine It
1-15 Knaughty Knights Tonight, Tonight
1-16 Digital Leather Please Scar Me
1-17 Final Solutions This Is Memphis Underground
1-18 Final Solutions I'm A Punk
1-19 Overnight Lows Cheaper Than Rehab
1-20 Persuaders Hot Stix
1-21 Jenny Jeans Bad Expectations
1-22 Carbonas Inside-Out
1-23 Reatards Bummer Bitch
1-24 Reatards No One Can Stand Me
1-25 Persuaders Heart Of Chrome
1-26 Reigning Sound Bad Man
1-27 Jeff Evans* And Ross Johnson A Conversation
2-01 King Louie One Man Band Beat Up By A Girl
2-02 Killer's Kiss Gotta Lotta Love
2-03 Cococoma She Gets Heavy
2-04 Tokyo Electron Mis Ojos
2-05 Impala Rope Of Sand
2-06 Knaughty Knights Get Well In Jail
2-07 Joe Silverking One Man Gang King City
2-08 Msr. Jeffrey Evans* And Ross Johnson Chantilly Rock
2-09 Overnight Lows Bad Time/Kamikaze Style
2-10 Carbonas Looked Around (I Was So Upset)
2-11 Lamps Bile
2-12 Persuaders Las Vegas (High Stakes)
2-13 Reatards I'm So Gone
2-14 Human Eye Sly Glass Foam
2-15 Dirty Ho You Irritate Me
2-16 Porch Honkees Left My Baby At The Laundromat
2-17 Angry Angles Stab You Dead/Black Hole
2-18 Digital Leather Please Scar Me
2-19 Rat Traps I Don't Wanna Work
2-20 Final Solutions Eye Don't Like You
2-21 Jenny Jeans Future Fix
2-22 Golden Boys* Whiskey Before Sleep
2-23 Demon's Claws Tomcat
2-24 Leather Uppers* Sugar Sandwich
2-25 Reigning Sound I'll Cry
2-26 Harlan T. Bobo My Life
2-27 Limes Rock And Roll Heart


Disc 1 is a DVD; disc 2 is a CD.