Various ‎– Goregrind Vs. Grindcore

Barulheira Records ‎– 04
Cassette, Compilation


Goregrind Side
A1 Lymphatic Phlegm Suppurated Inflamatory Intumescence Of The Ophtalmic Conjunctive
A2 Pulmonary Fibrosis Grotesque Anal Passage
A3 Tu Carne Morbo
A4 Tu Carne Te Espero En La Fossa Comun
A5 Serrando Codos Trozos De Carne
A6 Serrando Codos Féstin En El Quirófano
A7 Feculent Goretomb Teratogenic Effects Of Talidomide Sinister
A8 Anal Penetration Smashed To A Orgasm
A9 Kadaverficker Vir Sind Die Kadaverficker
A10 Kadaverficker Kotkiller
A11 Necrobestiality Shower Of Septic Slop
A12 Bile (2) Gutted
A13 Bile (2) Bloodsocked
A14 Disgusting Repulsive Habits With Humans
A15 Feasting Blood Overcrowed
A16 Feasting Blood Damage The System
A17 Neoplasm Disseminator Pyoderma Gangrenosum
A18 Neoplasm Disseminator Rotted Tumours Of Bucal Cavity
A19 Intumescence Infanticidal Hysterectomy
A20 Intumescence Sarcoma
Grindcore Side
B1 Rot Indifference
B2 Rot No Longer A Threat
B3 Dahmer Marcel Petiot
B4 Dahmer Pseudo-Underground
B5 Diagnose Morrer De Tédio
B6 Total Fucking Destruction Kill The Jokes And Eat
B7 Cerebral Turbulency Harsh Future
B8 Cerebral Turbulency The Best In The End
B9 Blood Suckers Whore's Road
B10 Blood Suckers Blue Gold
B11 Plague Rages Praga Monetária
B12 Plague Rages Democracia
B13 Yacopsae* Asozial
B14 Yacopsae* Apokalypse
B15 Academic Worms Futuro Sombrio
B16 Defeito Cótico Vergonhosa Evolução
B17 S.O.N. (3) Destino Maldito
B18 Tapasya The Teacher Doesn't Know
B19 Tapasya Gossiper