Various ‎– Gothic Visions II

Echozone ‎– 0205960SJE
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DVD, Compilation

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CD-01 Deathcamp Project Another
CD-02 Beautiful Sadness Hell (Edit)
CD-03 Eisblume I Am A Flower
CD-04 Kalt Farewell
CD-05 Autumn Twilight Sequel
CD-06 Factory Of Dreams Sonic Sensations
CD-07 Vlad In Tears You Will Burn My Dream
CD-08 Lilith (6) Black Hole
CD-09 Exit To Eden Sarah
CD-10 Mortal Clay Boat Of Bones
CD-11 Voodoma Evolution Zero
CD-12 Second Skin (2) Narcissist
CD-13 Dr. Arthur Krause Dance Like Hell
CD-14 ShirayasDream Destiny
CD-15 Verney 1826 My Mortal Nation (Edit Feat. Lisa)
CD-16 Twenty Six Tears Lovely Lovely
CD-17 Liquid Grey Red
CD-18 Asylum Bedlam For Those Who Will Understand
CD-19 Vril Legion
CD-20 XmH Dictate
DVD-01 Merciful Nuns Body Of Light
DVD-02 Tunes Of Dawn Upon My Grave
DVD-03 Andreas Gross (2) Agnus Dei (Live)
DVD-04 The Wolf Gang Jellyhouse
DVD-05 Saints Of Ruin Dark Night
DVD-06 Distance The Lost World (V2)
DVD-07 Projekt F Ghost
DVD-08 Dead Guitars Good Bye Wildlife (Remix By Palohonzo)
DVD-09 Denight Unreal
DVD-10 Sonic Pornstars Angels
DVD-11 Mystigma Antagonist Of Fear
DVD-12 Lost Area Bloodrain
DVD-13 The Deep Eynde The Haunting
DVD-14 Leichenwetter Betörung
DVD-15 Born For Bliss Dragon (4-Track Demo)
DVD-16 Ashes Of God Dreaming
DVD-17 Golden Apes Behind My Eyes
DVD-18 Mob Research New Paradigm
DVD-19 Roughhausen Sub-nality
DVD-20 Wayne Hussey A Night Like This
DVD-21 Place4Tears Riding The Waves Home
DVD-22 iNsCissorS Attic - An Introduction
Composed By, Performer, Arranged By – Vincent Andelmoth
DVD-23 Spiritual Maze Maybe
DVD-24 Lost In Desire Losing Control
DVD-25 White Rose Transmission Silent Air (Live)
DVD-26 The Daughters Of Bristol In The Midst Of Your Temple
DVD-27 Zeritas I Chose
DVD-28 The Mist Of Avalon Negri
DVD-29 Vic Anselmo Das Dunkle Land
DVD-30 Descendants Of Cain Resistance (Preview Edit)
DVD-31 Traumtänzer* Fremdes Land
DVD-32 Whispers In The Shadow If Uriel Falls
DVD-33 Fundetta Tattoo
DVD-34 Downstairs Left Why
DVD-35 White Pulp All My Needs Are Gone
DVD-36 ApoVelation If Only I Could
DVD-37 The Dark Unspoken Buried In Wonderland
DVD-38 Minim (2) Axfixia
DVD-39 Reactive Black Returning (Demo Version)
DVD-40 Ouija (2) Away
DVD-41 Eigensinn Die Macht
DVD-42 Rhombus (3) One Day More
DVD-43 In Viro Seemannsgrab
DVD-44 Die! Mein Letzter Wille
DVD-45 Ravensdiner Your Blood
DVD-46 MOON.74 Dirty Mind
DVD-47 Akanoid Subtitle (Live)
DVD-48 Kommander D Blood Will Flow
DVD-49 Avoid-A-Void Ignorant
DVD-50 Versus (2) Definition Lost
DVD-51 Avalist Lebenskeim
DVD-52 Bionic (2) Give Me Shelter
DVD-53 Genetic Disorder (2) Generation-X
DVD-54 [de:ad:cibel] Nobody Hurts Me Like I Do
DVD-55 Blood (12) Vudu
DVD-56 Tränenwelten Das Schiff
DVD-57 Umbra Et Imago Ohne Dich
DVD-58 Whispers In The Shadow Blood Sweat And Tears
DVD-59 Voodoma Evolution Zero
DVD-60 Exit To Eden Sarah
DVD-61 Lost Area Memoria
DVD-62 Merciful Nuns The Seal
DVD-63 Shock Therapy Anti Communication (Live)
DVD-64 Mystigma Visions Imcomplete
DVD-65 Lilith (6) Portrait In Rust
DVD-66 The House Of Usher I Wanna Know
DVD-67 Denight The Flame
DVD-68 Stier (2) Tanzen
DVD-69 Die! Schöner Schein
DVD-70 Vlad In Tears You'll Burn My Dream
DVD-71 New Risen Pandora's Box
DVD-72 The Dark Unspoken Diode In Your Head?
DVD-73 Minusheart* Lifespan (Breathtaker Club Version)
DVD-74 Fundetta Tattoo
DVD-75 Mortal Clay Avery
DVD-76 White Rose Transmission Glittering Green
DVD-77 Wayne Hussey Featuring Dead Guitars Bird Of Passage (Live)
DVD-78 Andreas Gross (2) Heart Parasite
DVD-79 Roughhausen U Better Run
DVD-80 Tunes Of Dawn Gloomy Sunday
DVD-81 Goja Moon Rockah Geraldine
DVD-82 White Pulp Run Into (Live)
DVD-83 Eigensinn Eiskalt
DVD-84 Second Skin (2) Still My Love
DVD-85 Factory Of Dreams The Weight Of The World
DVD-86 No Comment Would You Follow Me
DVD-87 The House Of Usher It Doesn't Matter (Live)
DVD-88 Dead Guitars This Was The Year (Live)
DVD-89 Andreas Gross (2) Shady Fortune Hunters
DVD-90 White Rose Transmission Love Or Just Loveless
DVD-91 Saints Of Ruin Halloween Song (Acoustic Session)
DVD-92 Saints Of Ruin Never Go Away (Acoustic Session)
DVD-93 The Dark Unspoken One Day
DVD-94 XmH Wasted
DVD-95 Autumn Twilight Autumn Twilight
DVD-96 Born For Bliss If Someone
DVD-97 Daybed Lack Of Light
DVD-98 Eisblume Shame On Me
DVD-99 Rhombus (3) Any Where
DVD-100 Psycherotique Keine Gnade Für Niemand
DVD-101 Blood (12) Gotika
DVD-102 ShirayasDream Travel In Time
DVD-103 The Wolf Gang Virginia
DVD-104 Dr. Arthur Krause Funeral Drums
DVD-105 Children On Stun Whiskey A Go Go
DVD-106 Shaita Two
DVD-107 Sixth June Everytime
DVD-108 Harlots Of Beyond Winner
DVD-109 Vic Anselmo Open Wide
DVD-110 Psycherotique Der Onanist
DVD-Video No Artist Black Jewels Clothing
DVD-Video iNsCissors Destin


Included DVD contains audio clips (2-01 to 2-56), video clips (2-57 to 2-110) and two video specials: Black Jewels Clothing (slideshow) and iNsCissors - Destin (short movie).

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  • Barcode: 4029759059608