Various ‎– Grave Jibes Video Bootleg

DVDr, Compilation


1 Grotesque Sexuality Razrusa Moshenie
2 Grotesque Sexuality A Spell By Laugh
3 Grotesque Sexuality Collage
4 Grotesque Sexuality Walls and Dreams
5 Valery & the Greedies Silence
6 Valery & the Greedies Best Wishes Saved Under Pillow
7 Breathing of Bones Love Story
8 Breathing of Bones Bones Can Dance
9 Breathing of Bones Room
10 Breathing of Bones Man / Woman
11 The Pharaons G.M.A.H.
12 The Pharaons Meine Koma
13 Le Phonographe Pire
14 Le Phonographe Bobards!
15 Queens of Mescaline Fake
16 Queens of Mescaline Embraces in Emptiness
17 Queens of Mescaline Dead Morning
18 Queens of Mescaline Cold Days of December
19 Grotesque Sexuality & Breathing of Bones Come to Daddy (Virgin Prunes cover)


-Limited edition to 50 handnumbered copies.
-Consists of the videos shot at the Grave Jibes Parties: Grave Jibes party vol.1 (12.05.09); Grave Jibes Fanzine & FiendWide presents: Stolen Grave! party (16.08.09); Grave Jibes Party vol. 2: New Year! (29.12.09) which all took place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
-Includes two page insert with the bands info.
-Includes photo gallery.

*There's the mistake in the band's name on the cover and on the back. It's correct name is Queens of Mescaline.